Sunday, 19 May 2013

Colours of the rainbow tag

Hey guys so today I am going to be doing the colours of the rainbow tag. If you haven't heard of the colours of the rainbow tag its basically you take the colours of the rainbow and find one product that matches of the colour. I didn't think it would be hard to find a products for each colour but it really was! I seen this on TalkBeckyTalk youtube and thought it was a good idea so had to do it myself.

RED- The product I picked for red is this body shop cranberry joy body polish. This smells just like christmas to me, most people like the cinnamon smell at christmas, I don't I prefer cranberry. I have only used this one but it is very much like a body scrub.

YELLOW- For yellow I picked the avon argan oil. I use this every time I wash my hair. I am not going into too much detail as I know this will be hard to read. Review coming soon!

PINK- For pink I have my pink grapefruit and lime candle by sainsburys. This has quickly become my favorite candle. I love the strong scent of the pink grapefruit. I love lighting this when I have my bath.

GREEN- For green I borrowed this off my mum as I don't own anything green! This is the body shop cucumber cleansing milk. She received this in a gift set off a friend at christmas. 

ORANGE- For orange I chose this avon shower gel that was currently in my shower. Now I am not good with smells but I think the smells like mango, shoot me if I am wrong!

PURPLE- For purple I picked my bubble bath. This has to be the best bubble I have ever tried. It is really cheap and I wasn't expecting it to be that good but it really is, the smallest amount gives you lots of bubbles. The scent isn't that nice but I don't really care.

BLUE- For blue I picked this BarryM Gelly hi-shine polish in blueberry. I love the gelly hi-shine polishes. I will be doing a nail polish collection on my blog very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Hope you all enjoyed this. I will just give a quick apology about the yellow writing. I didn't write much as I knew it would be hard to read but I basically just said what it was and that I will be reviewing it soon.

Thanks guys

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