Monday, 6 January 2014

MAC Chatterbox

Hi everyone! Today I have a review on a recent purchase of mine, MAC Chatterbox.
I picked this lipstick up when I was away this Christmas as we don't have a MAC counter where I live so I thought it was the perfect chance to pick up this little beauty. I spent around 30 minutes swatching all the lipsticks trying to decide which one to pick, so many nice ones too choose from!

This is a lovely pink colour, not too bright and not too subtle either. It comes under the amplified creme section on the MAC website. I have been wearing this lipstick almost everyday as it is very wearable for day and night time.

This lipstick lasted on me around 4-5 hours baring in mind that is with a lot of drinking and eating on most occasions of me wearing this. I also love the smell and taste of these lipsticks! I might sound a little crazy but it is true.

Overall this is a great colour and I love it! Definitely a favourite lipstick of mine! I also want to quickly apologise for the crappy quality of this last picture, like yesterday I had to use my phone for the last one as I couldn't get it right with my big camera. 
This lipstick is £15 and available from  and from most Debenhams and House of Frazer, apart from mine!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? 


Sunday, 5 January 2014

What I did this week #4

Hello everyone today I am back with this little series I started before I went off on my little blogging break. My what I did this week, telling you all what I done in the previous week!

Sunday- Today was my last day at work. I was working until 3 then headed to my dad's to celebrate my second Christmas. I went to meet my stepmum and sister from the train station then headed back to my dads to open my presents and have a cheeky takeaway. I got some great presents!

Monday- This was my best friends birthday! I started off with going to the doctors for a little blood test, I then went to Dumfries Ice Bowl with my friend to go ice skating! I wasn't that good though as my ankle kept giving way so I gave up and just watched my friend. I then headed to a very posh Italian restraunt with my friend and all of her friends for her birthday meal.

Tuesday- Argh New Year's Eve! Nothing really happened in the day time apart from I played sims all day! On the nigt I headed to a surprise wedding with my dad and his family. It was a fun night with all of my stepmums work friends, they are all crazy! Only downside was the taxi never turned up to take us home so we had around a 20 minute walk back which isn't good when your in very high wedges and my poor sister had no coat!

Wednesday- Again like the day before I played sims all day at my dads before having a full on Chritstmas dinner! It was lovely and I can not wait for another one next Christmas!

Thursday- Yet again a very lazy day! I went round to the shops with my stepmum and came home to play sims again, we had a massive buffet for tea it was yummy and still lots left 2 days later!

Friday- I went back to my mums in the morning then took a little trip to Sainsbury's, I got a diary to keep my little blogging self organised and a hot air brush which there will be a review on soon! I played a little more sims and watched Celebrity Big Brother

Saturday- Well this was abit of a poopy day! I woke up feeling awful! With a sore throat and bad head, I popped to town as I needed to go to the bank then came home and got in my pyjama's and watched telly all day from the couch.

What did you do this week? 


Saturday, 4 January 2014

YSL Babydoll Mascara

Hi everyone so today I have a review on the YSL babydoll mascara.
I won this in a giveaway not that long and have been wearing it everday since. I love the tube this mascara is in, a lovely gold shiny bottle which could also double up as a mirror if you were really desperate for one haha. 

The wand to this is slightly bent and is a plastic wand applicator. I prefer these type of applicators to the brushes with bristles.

Here is my eye without the mascara on, sorry for the crap quality of the pics of my eyes, I couldn't get it right on my big camera so in the end I resorted to using my phone camera to the close up of my eyes.

Here is my eye with the mascara on, my lashes look a lot longer and fuller with this mascara, I really do love this one, think it may become a firm favorite of mine now.
I really want to repurchase this mascara but the only thing stopping me is the slightly more expensive price tag at £24.50

Have you tried this masara? What's your view on it?


Friday, 3 January 2014

Life Update.

Hey everyone so today I am going to be doing a little updates post telling you what I have been doing recently and my plans for the coming month.

I haven't really blogged that much since I started college in September which I am doing level 1 beauty. I have already passed 3 of my assessments needed to pass the course.
I had been working in a well known card shop for 2 months over the Christmas period but I am now finished there so I am now looking for a new job to fill my time as I am only in college for 2 and a half days a week. 
I go back to college on Wednesday and I really can not wait, I have missed it lots. All of the girls on my course are lovely and we all get on very well.
Now I am back with no  job I will be posting on here alot more as I have more time as when I was working I had no days off.
I also was very ill a few months ago which I think I mentioned in a post. 
I think that is about it for now.
If you have any requests let me know in the comments and I will be sure to jot them down!


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Paperchase Wishlist

Hey everyone today's post is going to be my Paperchase wishlist.
If you are a blogger yourself you might be familiar with the obsession of notebooks and diaries.
I am obsessed with them at the moment and I went into Paperchase in Sheffield for the first ever and I bought a diary and a pen from there. I then came home and ordered more notebooks from the website. 
There is still things on the site I would like so I thought I would share with you what they are.

1. A5 week to view flock damask 2014 diary. Everyone needs a diary to keep them organised. I keep my diary to write in shifts at work, college dates and blog and video's. I write down everyday what post and video is going up to keep myself organized. £8

2. Pretty owl felt notebook. I love owls at the moment they are so cute and having one on this little notebook is adorable. I love how it is felt too so it will have a texture too it aswell.  £9

3. A5 Glitter gold notebook. How amazing is this notebook? I love sparkles and glittery things and this is just like a glitter explosion!! £6

4. A5 Beaded elephand stitch notebook. This notebook in me eyes is stunning! I love the detail on it. Although I would be scared of the beads falling off when its in my bag and things.  £10

5. Russian Doll Highlighters. I always like highlighting little random things in my notebooks that I may or may not find helpful one day, I also really like Russian dolls so these are the perfect combination! £3

6. Neon Pink Lockable Journal. This year I am going to be keeping a diary for a little challenge that you will know more about in February. This is a great diary as it is pink and lockable. £10

What do you like from paperchase?


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014. New Years Resolutions and what to expect from me.

Hello and welcome to 2014! I actually can't believe it is 2014 already! How fast did 2013 go by?
Today I thought I would share with you my new years resolutions and what you can expect from me here on my blog and on my you tube. I will do 5 resolutions for myself, 5 for my blog and 5 for my youtube channel.

New Years Resolutions for me
1. Tidy my room, decorate it and keep it tidy.
2. Fit into UK size 10 clothes.
3. Pass my level 1 beauty and get on to level 2.
4. Get a good, stable, permanent job.
5. Have at least a provisional driving license and maybe start driving lessons.

New Years Resolutions for my blog
1.  Reach 100  GFC followers.
2. Reach 10,000 page views.
3. Celebrate my 1st blog birthday.
4. Blog everyday for the whole year.
5. Reach 50 bloglovin followers.

New Years Resolutions for my you tube.
1. Have 50 subscribers.
2. Have 100 videos by NYE 2014.
3. Upload at least 2 videos a week every week.
4. Have a video reach 100 views.
5. Don't give up with my videos!

What to expect from me this year
Okay so this year you can expect lots of reviews and makeup looks here on my blog and over on my youtube I have an exciting little series coming up for you on there so keep your eyes out on there too. I will also be doing lots of tutorials such as nail art and makeup looks over on my youtube but pictures will be posted on here too. I am going to try and post everyday next year and hopefully twice a week for videos.

What's your new years resolutions?