Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014. New Years Resolutions and what to expect from me.

Hello and welcome to 2014! I actually can't believe it is 2014 already! How fast did 2013 go by?
Today I thought I would share with you my new years resolutions and what you can expect from me here on my blog and on my you tube. I will do 5 resolutions for myself, 5 for my blog and 5 for my youtube channel.

New Years Resolutions for me
1. Tidy my room, decorate it and keep it tidy.
2. Fit into UK size 10 clothes.
3. Pass my level 1 beauty and get on to level 2.
4. Get a good, stable, permanent job.
5. Have at least a provisional driving license and maybe start driving lessons.

New Years Resolutions for my blog
1.  Reach 100  GFC followers.
2. Reach 10,000 page views.
3. Celebrate my 1st blog birthday.
4. Blog everyday for the whole year.
5. Reach 50 bloglovin followers.

New Years Resolutions for my you tube.
1. Have 50 subscribers.
2. Have 100 videos by NYE 2014.
3. Upload at least 2 videos a week every week.
4. Have a video reach 100 views.
5. Don't give up with my videos!

What to expect from me this year
Okay so this year you can expect lots of reviews and makeup looks here on my blog and over on my youtube I have an exciting little series coming up for you on there so keep your eyes out on there too. I will also be doing lots of tutorials such as nail art and makeup looks over on my youtube but pictures will be posted on here too. I am going to try and post everyday next year and hopefully twice a week for videos.

What's your new years resolutions?



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