Sunday, 28 April 2013

Current beauty wants.

Hey guys so today I am going to be doing a current beauty wants. I have picked 10+ beauty products that I want at the moment. I am thinking of making this a little series to show you what I want every month. One month will be beauty then the month after will be fashion and so on.

The first thing on my wish list are these Barry M nail art pens in pink and silver. I love anything to do with nail art and when I seen Barry M had brought out these I knew I wanted them. I have them in black and white and I really love them ( review coming soon ). These are £4.99 from boots and superdrug.

Next up on my wishlist is the bourjois healthy mix foundation. When I have asked on twitter what the best drugstore foundation is everyone has told me. I have wanted this for ages now. This costs £9.99 from boots and superdrug.

Next up is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I know these have been out for over a year now but I still haven't got round to trying them out yet. There is a few colours I like out of the collection. I went to get one a few weeks ago but the colours they had didn't suit me so I never ended up getting them. These cost £7.99 from boots and superdrug.

Also on my wishlist is a MAC lipstick, where I live I can't get MAC as if I did I would almost certainly have a MAC lipstick. There is a few of the lipsticks I like the love of. I know that when I go away to somewhere that sells MAC I will buy one. These are £14 and available from MAC counters.

Another MAC item. This one is the studio sculpt foundation. I have heard so many good things about this foundation. The only issues I have with this is the price and that even if I wanted to pop into town to buy it I couldn't. I think I will give it a try when I finally get round to going to a MAC counter. This is £24 and you can get this from MAC counters.

Next thing on my wishlist is the Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in On and On Bronze. I like the idea of these as you just apply it with your finger and they look amazing. I really want to pick one up but have just not ever got round to it. This costs £4.99 from boots and superdrug.

The first set of models own nail varnish is the ice neon set. There look amazing, they are so bright and will look great in the summer. I think they seem a little weird as you have to keep them in the fridge to keep the colour vibrant? I can't get models own where I live but I might order these off the internet very soon. They are £5 each or £20 for the set. You can get these in most boots ( apart from mine :( ).

Another set of models own nail varnish; the scented nail polishes. These look so cool and I love the fact they have a scent that matches in with the shade and name. I think I might have to orders these off the internet soon too, as you might have guessed I love nail stuff. Like the Neon one's they cost £5 each or £20 for the set and you can get them in most boots.

Another thing on my wishlist is the sleek face form kit. I have never contoured or anything like that before or highlighted for that matter but I really want to try this so I can try and get the hang of contouring. This costs £10 from boots.

The final item on my wishlist is the benefit they're real mascara. Everyone raves about this mascara and because everyone loves it I really want to try it out, I don't really need to as I have mega mega long eyelashes as it is but I still love a decent mascara. This is £18.50 and you can get it from boots, house of fraiser and debenhams.

Hope you all enjoyed this post

Friday, 26 April 2013

My first Glossybox- April 2013.

Hey guys so today I thought I would do a post on the April glossybox. This is my first glossybox and I have to say I am really impressed with it. I love the cute design of the box and I will be keeping this probably to store my nail polishes or makeup.

 The above picture is a quick overview of what I received and what it looked like when I opened up the package which may I add was beautifully wrapped but I was too eager to wait and opened it up before I even thought of photographing it. I received 5 products and I am happy with them all.

The first thing I got in my glossybox was an Essie nail polish in the shade 'Cute as a button.' This is lovely pink/coral colour, great for summer and spring. I was excited to get an Essie polish as where I live I can't get essie. This would retail at £7.99.
Another thing I got was this Lipcote Lipstick sealer. You apply your lipstick as usual then evenly brush Lipcote over the top and slightly beyond the lip line to seal. Sets in minutes and lasts for hours. I am yet to try these like the rest of the products but I can't wait to give it a try tomorrow.
I also got the Nip+Fac coconut latte dry skin fix body butter. I am pleased I got the coconut one as coconut is one of my favorite smells of all time. I love body butters too so this for me is just perfect.  This retails at £9.95 for 200 ml.
I also got this Yves Rocher so elixir purple perfume sample. I Am quite impressed with the size of this sample as I normally just get them perfume wipes when I have samples. This smells really florally and I think I might have to add this to my wishlist as it is beautiful. For 50ml this would cost £44.

The final product I got was the dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. At first I wasn't sure what this was and I didn't think I would use it but once I read it through probably I realised I would use it. You dispense half a teaspoon onto very wet hands and create a creamy paste.You apply this to your hand in circular motions and massage gently for 1 minute. You can use this everyday and it won't damage your skin! for 75g this will cost £40.30.

 If you would like a review on any of these products just let me know and I will do one for you. 
Thanks guys

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Fabric Masks.

Hey guys so today's post is going to be a review on 2 face masks I received to review for you all here on my blog. They are from the oh so famous brand Montagne Jeunesse. My favorite face mask brand. Both ones I received are the new Clay Fabric masks. I must say I had been wanting to try these type of masks for quite a while so I was very happy when I seen these were what they sent me.  The ones I was sent was the Glacial Clay Spa and Red Earth Clay Spa. These both retail for £1.49 and are available online and in drugstores and most supermarkets.

The first mask that I tried is the Glacial Clay mask.
What does it say?
Made with naturally occurring clay from northern Canada, this mask gives an immediate invigorating rush as it gets to work cleansing deep down into pores. Infused with Red Grape and Arctic Cloudberries, both of which are high in antioxidants. This mask can both protect and revitalise skin!

What I thought:
First off as you will be to tell this mask was a bit too big for my face. I have to admit I have a small face so this is no fault of the brands. It is an easy application as you just take it out the sachet and put it onto your face, no mess either! I have to say though it does look quite scary when it is on your face. There isn't really that much of a smell to this mask. The removal was just as easy the application as it comes off in one quick move so your not sat peeling it away for ages or trying to scrub it off your face like I think some facemasks are like. I think I would buy this but it wouldn't be my go to face mask.
The second mask I tried was the Red Earth Clay Spa Mask.
What does it say?
Naturally red in colour, this Mediterranean Clay mask is infused with cinnamon. Pulped pomegranate offers skin natural protection plus a juicy boost that will captivate your skin and senses.

What I thought?
Firstly I would like to say I know it looks awfully applied but when you have such a small face with a massive mask it is very hard to make it fit decently. Like the other mask it is a really easy application. This one still looks scary too. Unlike the other one it has a really nice smell. It smells very strongly of pomegranate which the other one didn't have. It has easy removal and still is no mess. I would buy this one but it wouldn't be my go to essential mask as I would like it to fit my face perfectly.

Friday, 19 April 2013

My pamper night essentials.

Hi everyone, today's post is going to be my Pamper Night Essentials. I will be telling you my routine and what I use. I have seen many people doing posts and videos on this and I thought it would be a nice idea for me to do one too.

I start off by running my self a nice hot bath. I like to add bubble bath or a Lush bubble bar or bath bomb. Tonight I used the Lush fun- Pink.

I then like to cleanse my face before going in the bath. I use the Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean cleanser. I use this with my No7 Cleansing brush

Once I get into the bath I wash my hair with shampoo then put a hair mask on my hair. I use hello hydration or the avon argan oil hair
 mask. When my hair mask is on I put on a shower cap so that I can carry on doing stuff and knowing my hair wont get wet.

I then apply a facemask to my face while I have the hair mask on. I like to use the Soap&Glory No clogs allowed self heating mask. I leave this on my face while I do the next steps.
I then like to wash my body with a shower gel. The one's I am using at the minute are both Lush ones. Snow Fairy and Happy Hippy. This is when I tend to shave my legs as well.

I then use a body scrub to exfoliate and get rid of any dead skin off my body. I have 2 that I like to use both by body shop. The chocolate one and the coconut one.

I then like to lie back and watch some youtube video's for a while. When I have watched my video's I take off my facemask then my hair mask and get out of the bath. Once I have dried myself I apply the body butter that matches the body scrub I used. I then get into my pj's paint my nails then get into bed and watch TV..

Hello hydration mask review

Hi guys so today's post is going to be another review. This review is going to be on the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Hair Mask. I done a post way way back last year on the hair care products that I use as my hair is really damaged. I have recently had all the ends off my hair so now it doesn't look as damaged. 

I have been using this product since around October and have just finished it ( I will be doing an empties post soon.) I really did like this product. It smelt amazing; a bit coconutty?. I wash my hair with my shampoo then put a fair amount  of this product onto my hands then put it into my hair. I then put on a shower cap over my hair then sit back and relax for around 15 minutes. I then rinse this out; leaving my hair feeling amazingly soft. I have tried looking for this on the internet to give you the price but I have a feeling you can't buy it anymore as I can't find it anywhere. If you know if this still available would you please let me know in the comments as I would really like to repurchase this.

Soap and glory Dr Spot review

Hi guys so today I am going to be reviewing the Dr Spot spot gel by Soap and Glory. I have mentioned this in two posts before, but thought I should give it a review of its own.

I have had this for around a month now and use this twice a day. After using this for about 3 days I could really tell the difference as my spots had started to shrink. I had a spot for around a year on my chin and since using this it has now again. I really don't think I could praise this product any more. This doesn't even smell like normal spot gel; I actually really like it. This costs £8 and is really worth it. It is available from boots.

No7 Cleansing brush review.

Hey guys so today I am going to be a doing a review on the No7 Cleansing brush

. I mentioned this in my skin care post which you can find here. I have had this for about a month now and use this twice a day and all I can say is WOW. This makes my skin feel so great. I use this with the clean&clear oil free daily wash on a morning and the soap and glory cleanse and polish on a night before bed. I had been wanting the clarisonic for months and had seen a botanics cleansing brush so I went in to get that but I came across this first and I am so pleased I did.

There is two speeds that you can use this on. I tend to use it on the slowest as my skin goes very red if I use it on the higher speed. You can tell this really cleans your skin as when you have used it you can see what has come off your skin on the brush. I am not sure if you can get replacement heads for this as it is only a new product. I got this in boots for £15 but the original price is £25. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

My skin Care Products

Hey guys so today's post is going to be about my skin care. I have combination/oily skin. The products I use I feel are helping my skin a lot but I will leave a review with each product telling you what I think.

The cleanser I use on a morning is the clean&clear exfoliating daily wash that is oil free. I have been using this cleanser for about 6 months and will be starting on my 4th tube in the next few days ( empties post to come in the next few weeks!) I put a small amount on my fingers and rub this all over my face then use the No7 cleansing brush
 to buff it into my face. This is one of my fave cleansers of all times. My skin doesn't feel as oily when I use this. This is definitely a go to cleanser for me. This costs £2.99 and can be found in supermarkets and drugstores.

On a night after I have removed my eye make up I will use peaches and clean by Soap and Glory. I put this over my face and then like with the clean and clear cleanser, I use theNo7 cleansing brush
 to buff this into my face. I must be an un-normal person as I can not stand the smell of this. I really don't know why but the smell makes me feel sick. I can tell the difference in my skin since using this. This costs £7 from boots.

The moisturiser I use is the Clean&Clean dual action oil free one. I apply this every morning after I cleanse my face and every night after I cleanse unless I have used my face mask. I really like this moisturiser as it isn't too greasy and my skin feels really good after using this. This costs £3.59 and is available in drug stores and supermarkets.

The face mask I use on the nights I have a bath is the soap and glory no clogs allowed self heating one.  I love this face mask so much. I use my cleanser then put this mask on my face and leave it for about 15 minutes ( I know that is a lot longer than instructed ) this makes my face blue :D. This says it is self heating but I wasn't expecting this much heat! Its amazing. This costs £11 and is available from boots.

After I have cleansed and moisturised I apply soap and glory Dr spot. I can not praise this product enough. I have trouble skin that is prone to spots. I apply this twice a day ( morning and night ) and no joke this really does get rid of them quickly! This is one of my favorite products now. I have only used this for 6 days but the spots are so much better than before. This costs £8 from boots.

The final product I will like to mention in the new No7 cleansing brush. I am not going to talk much about this as my last post was all about this click here to view it. This is £25 from boots.

Top 10 prom dresses

Hey guys today's post is going to be on the top 10 prom dresses that I love. The reason I am doing this post is prom time is approaching and this year will be my prom. I am not sure if I am going to it but I still enjoy looking at the dresses. I picked my 10 favorite prom dresses from some websites online. I will leave the websites for each of the dress in case you are interested in them. I would just like to add that most of these dresses are available in different colours off the websites that are linked with them.


The first dress that I like is this beautiful hot pink princess type dress.It has beaded detail at the top and on the ruffles. This dress costs £115 which I think is fairly cheap for a prom dress
                       A-line Sweetheart Beading Long Red Plus Size Dress
The next prom dress
 that I like is the red floaty beaded heart shaped dress. I love the dresses that have a heart shape at the top like this one and I think the colour is beautiful. £115.99. You can find this from 

The next dress is this turquoise one. This dress is a kind of wrap around from the middle downwards with ruffles. It has crystals around the top by the chest. This dress costs £255 a little bit more pricey by than the previous two.

   Wholesale Halter Sleeveless Floor-length Taffeta Ball Gowns for Teenagers
My next dress that I like is this black one. I haven't really seen many people wear blackprom dresses
 but I think this one is beautiful. It has white detail at the top, middle and on the ruffles. This costs £99.

                    Modest Strapless Floor-length Sleeveless Organza Ball Gowns for Teenagers
The next dress is this lovely baby pink dress. It has a lot of sparkles at the top with go down the dress.  This costs £118.99.

               Red Strapless Sweetheart Sequined Ruched Ball Gowns ISD196
The next dress is this red heart shaped dress with crystals around the edge of the top and on the middle with crystals down the dress. This costs £146.

                    Strapless Black Mesh Bead Dress
Next dress is this black coctail dress with a red band around the top with black and silver crystals on the red band. I am not really that keen on short dresses for prom as I think thatprom dresses
 should be ball gown/ princess style dresses. This is a mega bargain at only £22.99.

                         Black And Silver One Shoulder Crystal Maxi Dress
Next up is this long floaty black one shoulder dress. The shoulder has 3 lines of stones which come off round the top of the dress. This dress costs £59.99 and you can buy it from the shop quiz or online here

The next dress is this burgundy deep red kind of colour. Again this is a short dress with rose like ruffles at the bottom with a love heart top with crystals at the top. This is £105 and can be found here

                  Ball Gown Sweetheart Belt Long Pink Dress
My final dress is this black and baby pink long dress. The top of this is black with crystals at the bottom as it goes into the pink skirt. This costs £130.99 from here

I hope this helps all you girlys out there that are going to prom this year and are struggling to find dresses. If you have any requests you can tweet me them on twitter or email me them.