Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger.

Hi everyone so I seen this tag on Girl Fridays Beauty Blog and I knew I just had to do it so here goes.

1. How many hours a week do you spend planning/writing/uploading posts? Every week is different. At the moment I have been dedicating a full day once a week to try and get as many posts wrote and scheduled as I can. So I would say like 12 hours a week as I do do the odd posts on other days too.

2. Are you a spender or a saver? I would like to say I am a saver but then I would be lying :( I am a massive spender; even with a goal of something I can get if I save, I just cant save.

3. When is it easier for you to write posts? If its a normal day I like to write posts early evening as I am nice and relaxed by this time.

4. What makes writing posts comfortable for you? Writing about something I enjoy and when I feel like doing it. Not having to force myself to blog about something I don't want to or when I don't want to.

5. Whats your worst makeup/hair habit? I can't really think of one, I would like to say biting my nails but does that really count?

6. What is one quote you wish the whole world would live by? Make peace not war? I don't know that's the first thing that came to my mind.

7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday? About half an hour.

8. What is your favorite post on your blog? Would have to be my Do's and Dont's for makeup. The pictures make me laugh every time I see it and it was fun to do.

9.  Who is a beauty blogger that you think deserves more followers than they have? Nicole from The life of a beauty addict.

10. What is one thing your most excited about in the coming year? Starting college, hopefully learning to drive and my blog growing.

11.  What has been your favorite blogging moment? Hitting 50 followers. That was my first milestone. I am now going for 100.

12. How long does it take to prep for a post? It depends on what the post is. It could be 5 minutes if its just  a few pictures but if I'm doing a tutorial or a look it will no doubt take up to 1 hour.

13. Are you wearing jeans/skirt right now or are you wearing pj bottoms? Pj bottoms. I think most bloggers do haha.

Have you done this tag? If you have leave it in the comments for me to check out.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Hi everyone so I really want to meet some of you bloggers but I am yet to have done so I have decided to plan two.
If you are in Cumbria or can easily get to Carlisle or in Sheffield or can easily get to Meadowhall Shopping center please email me; you can use the contact form on the side or directly at
For the Meadowhall meetup it would be around the 27th-29th August and for Carlisle it would be 17th August.
Please let me know if you can make any of these meetups as I would love to meet you.

Dad's Wedding

Hi everyone so if you follow me on twitter and instagram you will know my dad got married on Saturday 27th July. It was a fantastic day and it was nice to see all of his wife's family from London as I haven't seen them for years. I thought I would do a post showing you a few pictures and telling you about the day.

We stopped in the posh hotel in town where they got married the night before, we all went for a meal before heading back to the room, we were in the largest room as it is the wedding suite.
The hairdresser and makeup artist came in the morning . Me and my sisters were walking round the hotel all morning waiting.
As we waiting to go down the aisle me and my sisters were more nervous than his wife! Me and my youngest sister basically speed walked down the aisle and my little cousin through a tantrum because she didn't want to go down.
We then headed down stairs where we had our pictures taken on the stairs before heading down to this little private bar area while the wedding breakfast was cooked.
We then went up to the ballroom for our wedding breakfast; being a bridesmaid I had to sit on the top table. The best man etc done their speeches and all the people involved got their present; I got a pandora bracelet.
For starter we had mago. Main we had chicken in mushroom sauce with potatoes. Dessert was profiteroles.
We then had to leave the room for an hour whilst they prepared it for the reception we all just went for a walk and sat in the lobby.
At 7 the guests for the evening do arrived. I had never danced so much in my life; I'm not a one for dancing at parties but I danced all night to the best song ever! ( sorry that had to be done! ).
It was a great day and night!
Hope they are having a brill time on their honeymoon now though!

The Cake

Balloon Bride and Groom

The Rings.

Me On The Stairs.

Bathroom Selfie.

Close Up On Hair And Makeup.

Before The Wedding.

I didn't include pictures of the bride and other people as I didn't know how they would feel about me publishing pictures of them on my blog. Also they don't know about my blog.


Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday Blogger Interview #4- Katy from Gigglesandmakeup.

 Hi everyone so its Monday Blogger Interview time and today we have the lovely Katy from Giggles and Makeup.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.
Hi my names Katy, I run a little blog called gigglesandmakeup, you will find all sorts of things on there from hauls, makeup & skin care reviews, OOTD's with a little lifestyle and dieting mixed in along the way.

What made you start blogging?
Oh I don't know really, I don't have many friends who are interested in makeup and things like that so I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to post my ramblings and thoughts,

What 1 item can you not leave the house without?
My handbag, it has everything I need for the day in it! 

What is your favourite makeup brand?
Oh I'd like to say mac, but I sometimes think they're things are over priced! So I'm going to say sleek, they have fantastic products at an affordable price!

 What shop do you love?
Boots, it's my all time favourite place to go! Is that really sad? Haha, I can spend so much in there! Suddenly I NEED a new skin care product!

Which product do you think is not hyped up enough?
Oh, I think alot of them are! But I'd have to say the Topshop cream blushers! I love them and they are such a high quality product that sometimes gets missed in all the hype,of topshop lipsticks!

Who are your favourite bloggers?
Chloe's Way -
And many many more! 

 What are your biggest beauty/fashion hate's, that people do? 
Oh I have many! The slug eyebrows they drive me mad! Also crop tops! I have a serious irrational hate against them! I'm not sure if its just because I can't wear them or because they remind me of when I was a kid! (Anyone who loves crop tops please don't be offended! Some of you wear them beautifully!)

What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
Just to be yourself! Don't try to copy anyone!

 Any last things you would like to say?
Only that I've really enjoyed answering these questions and please feel free to visit my blog at and follow me on twitter giggles_makeup! 
And a big Thankyou to Keira for letting me do this! :-) 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

MUA Power Pout Runaway- Review

Hi everyone so today's review is going to be on the MUA Power Pout in Runaway.
I have 2 more of these so look out for reviews of them coming soon!
I love these as they smell so much of mint and they also taste of mint. The taste doesn't last for ages but its good enough for me!

As you can see from the swatch is a lovely coral-orange colour that is highly pigmented. Its not as bright and in your face as I thought it would be and I have been enjoying wearing a lot more than I first thought.

It comes on really well on to my lips and isn't to bright either. It is easily built up too so you can have it as subtle or as bright as you like!!
Look out for reviews on the other 2 colours in the next few weeks/

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hi everyone so you may have seen @FBLbloggers on twitter have started doing a monthly theme where they tell you the theme and we have to do a post around it and when tweeting it use the #BloggersDoTHEME replacing the word theme with whatever the theme is for that month. This month is nautical. As you can see by my header I have decided for each month that I take part in I am going to make my header the theme too and they will be available to order from my shop.
I decided to do my nails and makeup nautical themed and I have a play-suit that is nautical themed so I thought I would put that in to.

I have this play-suite from primark last year which is a red top with navy shorts that have white spots and 4 red buttons. I am aware I haven't quite got the outfit pose yet and I look very awkward! This is only the second time I have posted a outfit on here and this is no doubt why I look so awkward.

For makeup I went for navy eyes and a bright red. The eyeshadows I used are just out of a set from claires. and the lipstick I have on is by Constance Carroll. I am unsure on whether this red suites me yet as I haven't had it long. I also have a tinted moisturiser on by natural collection.

Finally for my nails I went for navy and white stripes. I was going to do an anchor too but I found it too hard so gave it a miss. I used Avons Twilight blue as a base then used my white Barry M to do the lines.

If your taking part leave your link to this post in the comments for me to look at!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo On and On Bronze- Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review on the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze. If you are a frequent reader to my blog then you may know that I love this type of colour for my eyes. I was very very late in trying these and I wish I had tried this earlier as I love it.
I have seen a lot of people saying they use these as a base but I don't I just wear them by themselves if I am in a rush and don't have long to do my eyes.
I literally just sweep my finger around the pot twice then wipe it onto my eyelid and that's enough. I really want to get more of these now as they are so easy and cheap too!
These are £4.99



Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Blogger Interview #3- Georgia and Hannah from sisters who shop.

Hi everyone it's Monday so what does that mean? Monday Blogger Interview time! Today I have for you two sisters named Georgia and Hannah who blog over at Sisters Who Shop
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog
We are Georgia & Hannah and we are sisters, hence the name of our blog. On our blog we talk about all things beauty with some fashion and lifestyle type posts too. We blog about product reviews, make-up looks, TAGs, Outfits of the day, Celebrity style and just general posts on make-up and beauty. 

What made you start blogging?
We've both always enjoyed experimenting with new products and I (Georgia) am really passionate about make-up and enjoy writing about it to help others. We only realised that beauty blogs existed at the end of last year and decided that we had to start our own. It's also really nice to have an escape from our everyday lives, where I'm studying law at university and Hannah is doing her A -Levels, so it's nice to be able to have something that we both really enjoy and it's great to be able to do it together. 

 What 1 item can you not leave the house without?
Lipbalm for both of us, there's nothing worse than having dry lips. It can also make you look like you've got a subtle lipgloss on, which can really perk up your appearance. 

What is your favourite makeup brand?
We have been really loving L'Oreal, Bourjois and Revlon lately. Hannah's favourite is definitely Bourjois, for their eye shadows and foundation and mine is probably L'oreal, as I love their foundations and mascaras. However, we both really love Benefit for a higher end brand, as the packaging is just so cute and girly. 

What shop do you love?
Our favourite shop to shop at is Forever 21, as the shops are so huge and always have something for every style. We love the lay out and it's so exciting to shop in, especially with all the jewellery and accessories upstairs. 

Which product do you think is not hyped up enough?
The Bourjois smoky eye trio's are so good and we've never seen anyone else talk about them (recently reviewed on our blog). Also, although MUA products are spoken about a lot on blogs, we don't think they are given enough credit as the majority of the products are so good and also so cheap!

Who are your favourite bloggers?
The first blog we both fell in love with was Corrie's, at . Corrie's writing is so fun and interesting to read and her personality really shines through, in her humorous but really detailed beauty and fashion posts.
We also really love Shona's blog, at , she has only recently started, like us, but her blog is growing so well and you can see how passionate about her blog she is, which is really great when reading. 

We love Laura's Blog, at she has really interesting posts not only on beauty related pieces but also great lifestyle posts. 

Louise at  She has a great look to her blog and comes up with great new ideas for posts, which makes her blog really interesting to read. 

What are your biggest beauty/fashion hate's, that people do?
Well, each to their own but personally for us, really bad eye brows was definitely the first thing that came to mind. It's when they are drawn on, either so extreme, that they've completely changed into such an unnatural shape, or when they've been over plucked... it doesn't look good. Really thick black eyeliner just on the lower lash line, looks so bottom heavy. Bad fake tans, overly orange or patchy and streaky. The orange face and white neck is such a classic one. 
Fashion hates would probably be see through leggings... when worn without a long top covering the parts that should be covered! Crop tops without high-waisted shorts or skirts, even if you've got abs of steel this is still a little too much flesh to flash... unless on the beach or something. Also I really feel for girls who wear huge heels shopping, you can see they aren't comfortable. It's much better to be comfortable when shopping! 

What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
Keep at it! Sometimes it can be a little disheartening thinking that you're just talking to yourself online and no one is reading your blog, but they will with time, it doesn't often happen quickly. Also, to try think up new and exciting posts, so that your blog stands out. (We cheated by giving 2 tips, but there is two of us).

Twitter : @sisterswhoshop1
Instagram: sisterswhoshop1023


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekly makeup challenge.

Hi everyone so I have deiced to host my own weekly makeup challenge. Every week there will be a new theme for you to do your makeup by.
All you have to do is email me your pictures and your blog link and I will add them to the post. 
You have until Friday 12:00pm to get your first set of pictures to me to go up on Saturday. Any pictures received after that time will not be able to go on the post.
This will happen every week until people stop taking part.
If you have any ideas of themes leave them as a comment and I will add it to my list.
Could you also leave a comment if you are taking part this week so I have an idea for numbers.
This weeks theme is Summer Brights.

Liebster Award!

Hi everyone so I got nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Faye from The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. You can find new blogs to read through this and its a great idea for the smaller blogs to become recognized.

Nominees must answer 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them.
Choose 11 blogs with under 200 followers to nominate to do this. Comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.
Come up with 11 new questions for them to answer.


Whats your favorite thing about blogging?
The blogging community. I have got to know so many nice people through blogging and they have really helped me boost my confidence.

What's your favorite clothes shop?
Primark, but there isn't one where I live so I would have to say Newlook as I go there more.

Favorite apple product and why?
My iphone because I can do everything I need to with it.

Favorite summer shoes?
My flossys! I have 6 pairs so 1 for every outfit and they are so comfy!

What are your hobbies/ interests?
Blogging and anything to do with beauty, nails, makeup etc.

What have you learnt from blogging?
Lots of makeup tips and that I shouldn't care what people think about something I enjoy. If I am passionate about beauty and blogging I shouldn't let people judge me by it.

Favorite film?
Hmmmm, grease, I love anything I can sing a long too!

Who's your idol?
Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Sam Chapman from pixiwoo. Some of you think why Sam? but I would like to be as successful as her one day, owning my own makeup brush company would be amazing.

Summer or Winter?
Hmm I prefer the other two! Summer is too hot ( at the minute anyway ) and winter is too cold!

Short hair or long hair?
I prefer long hair as I can do a lot more with it.


What made you start blogging?
What 1 thing can you not live the house without?
Would you rather wear orange eyeliner or have green hair for the rest of your life?
What is your go to product this season?
Who is your role model?
Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Favorite nail varnish brand?
What is your dream job? Are you doing it?
Heels or flats?
Favorite season?
If you could change one thing about yourself but could change it back if you didn't like it what would it be?

When you have done this leave the link to the post in the comments so I can check out your answers!

Sunday Summer Wishlist- Swimwear

Hi everyone so this weeks Sunday Summer Wishlist is all about swimwear. Hope you enjoy.
1-Black Diamante Skull Bandeau Bikini Top- River Island £15 *Would pair with plain black bikini bottoms*
2- Bright Blue Cut Out Bandeau Swimsuit- Newlook £9.99
3- Spotty Bikini- Asos *Top* £16 *Bottoms* £8
4- Blue Sunshine Beach Swimsuit- Topshop £34


Saturday, 20 July 2013

MUA Undressed Palette- Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review on my new favorite palette. The MUA Undressed palette. This is supposed to be a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette but I haven't tried that one yet so I cant say whether or not it is. It is a palette full of neutrals which are my favorite colors to wear.
This palette has a 'Mini Master-Class' on the back to show you how can you wear them. My favorite colors from this palette are 3 and 7. They are highly pigmented and stay well on my eyes although I always wear the MUA eye primer underneath my eyeshadows. I hope to get more of the MUA eyeshadow palette as they are great quality and very cheap at only £4 each.


Friday, 19 July 2013

Sheffield Spending Ban Update #4

Hi everyone so its spending ban update time and I have to admit I was a little naughty at the start of the week and had a takeaway. I know that shouldn't count but to me it does as I had to take out of the money of my spending ban and I really regret it now. I did work very long hours at work last weekend meaning I am expecting more wages than I am used to. So that cancels out me breaking it, doesn't it? haha. I am wanting a new pair of jeans though as my favorite ones have ripped right in the crotch but I can cope until my spending ban is over as I have more pairs.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

3000 pageview and shop launch giveaway!

Hi everyone so today my blog reached 3000 page views. That may not sound a lot to you but to me that is a really big number! Also last night I launched a little blog header shop so I thought that's two reasons to do a giveaway. I thought for my giveaway I would make a blog header for the winner. I am not the greatest at making them but I really enjoy making them and I know I will improve with the more I make.
You can view my shop by clicking the tab at the top where you can view some of the ones I have already made.
As well as a blog header I will link your blog at the end of every post for exactly one month and I will mention you as #FF for a whole month too. I will also give you the chance to be featured on my Monday Blogger Interview too if of course you haven't already been on.
All you have to do is follow the steps with the rafflecopter widget to win.
This is open internationally.
Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Where I'v been On Holiday.

Hi everyone so today's post is not beauty or fashion related. As it is coming up to the holiday season I thought I would share with you the places I have been on holiday in the 16 years that I have lived. I am not trying to boast by any means I just thought it would be a good and different type of post.

As a northerner it is no surprise that I have been on holiday to Blackpool. I went for a holiday when I was younger then I have been twice since for 2 nights. I love Blackpool and it is only 1 hour and a half away from where I live. There is sooo much to do here such as the pleasure beach, madame tussards, the tower, seal life center and much more. When I stayed when I was younger I think I stayed in a caravan but I can't be 100%. The second time I stayed here I stayed in a hotel called Baywater hotel and the final time I stayed in a travel lodge at the pier. I do go on a few day trips here with my local coach company too in the summers, I am planning on going for my birthday this year.

The blue lagoon resort in Kos, Greece was the first holiday abroad I spent with my dad. We went here about 5 years ago. It was the first time I had been all inclusive and I loved it. We had a room right by the entertainment tent, round the corner from the pools and restaurant. We spent 10 days here and we always found ourselves around the kids pool as it had a slide and the adult pool was too deep for my step sister and me. It had its own little beach too which was just over the road. Apart from going to the beach we never left the resort as it had everything we needed including a shop which sold english papers. The kids pool had its own bar where we got on well with the waiter who let us invent our own drinks 'Crazy Cocktails' which had coke, lemonade, fanta, orange juice and grape juice.

I spent 2 holidays here when I was younger at the haven park and have been a few times on a day trip as it isn't far from where my family lives. I am going here for the night next month with my Auntie and can't wait. There is a fair ground here which I went too when I was younger and screamed on one of the mini rides and they had to stop it to let me off. There is a lot to do on the seafront with arcades and shops everywhere. There is even a little train that goes up and down the sea front. There is also a leisure center near the top end which has a slide. The only thing about Cleethorpes there is a lot of wasps everywhere.

This was my first ever holiday abroad when I was about 10. I can't remember the name of the hotel I stayed in but I remember it was at the bottom of a hill. The hotel wasn't the best but it was ok as we just used it for the pool which nobody used so we pretty much had it to ourselves. There is shops and restaurants on the main strip. I can't really remember much about this holiday as it was nearly 7 years ago apart from that it was very very hot.

I went here about 3 years ago with my dad and his family for a week and I really enjoyed it here. It had wifi throughout the whole hotel so no matter where I was I could be online ( good if your a blogger ). The curved bits that you can see sticking out belong to the hotel and are walkways. There is also a private beach which you can only access from the hotel. Unlike Kos we went out twice to see the surrounding place. We went to a nice bar that was owned by a man called Alex. We went to the market but it wasn't very nice as everyone was trying to get you to go their stall and buy things etc. The food in this hotel was really nice and the pool area was huge. We never seen the night time entertainment as we spent it in our rooms. This is where my dad proposed to his girlfriend and they are getting married next week.

This is the last place I went to abroad and I really didn't like it. The picture shown above doesn't show the hotel how we seen it last year. The rooms where dirty and me and my step sister had to sleep on a couch for a week. More than once in the week we were there the water supply cut out so we had no water. The pool area was horrible as it was covered in green slime meaning everyone was slipping. Not good for round a pool. The entertainment wasn't that good either. I found myself counting the days down to come home when I was here. I did like the shop though as they sold flossy shoes very cheap and I bought myself about 5 pairs. It is very easy to get lost finding your room too and if you are bottom floor you have no privacy as your 'balcony' is on the floor and people have to walk through it to get to their rooms. ( sorry for the negativity but im not going to lie).

This hotel is the New York Hotel in Disney Land Paris. This was a beautiful hotel in the heart of the Disney village. You just walked through the village and turned a corner and it was there. Our room had a view of the ice rink and lake. The Disney characters also call in to this hotel at regular times for meet and greets. We only had breakfast in this hotel and it was continental so it wasn't what I enjoy. There is also a mini Disney shop in the hotel too.

This was the best holiday ever. In fact I don't think I could write a mini review on this holiday I could do a whole post on it for you ( comment if you would like that) I came here last year and omg I had the best holiday ever! We stayed at Tonoz Beach hotel which is right on the strip. Our favorite bar to go to was called shadows and it was such a laugh. We ate at a different restaurant every night and went on two boat trips, a night one where we had a BBQ then done belly dancing and stuff on a beach and then another one where we went out on a boat for a full day stopping off at different places. There is plenty of lagoons to go to aswell as the beach. It is a big place for paragliders too. I would recommend this resort to everyone!! 

I came here about 4 years in the April and the weather was poop! We spent every day by the indoor pool as it was too cold to sit at the outside pool. The hotel itself was lovely and we enjoyed playing the pool side games and the night entertainment was good but the food was horrible  That bad that we ended up going to  MacDonald's for tea instead. Best bit was we seen a member of staff in there having their tea too! It was a laugh though and I did enjoy myself just wish the weather and food had been better.

I have been to this haven camp twice and I love it. It is just outside of Edinburgh. I like how it has everything you need here and I love staying in caravans. It has an on site shop, swimming pool, restaurant, arcade and bar. The bus into Edinburgh comes into the park too. It also has a field at the very back which is home to a few horses which I loved going to see everyday. There is also a park and kebab shop too. Their is lovely villages outside such as North Berwick, Portabello and Musselburgh. They also have little beaches but North Berwick is my favorite place. As it is haven you get to see Bradley Bear, Roary the Tiger and their friends.

Last on my list is good old Skeggy. I came here for years as a child and I went again two years ago and I really want to go back again! I used to stay in a hotel called the Merrydale where we knew the owners very well but when they decided to sell up we stopped going to Skegness. Its front is full of arcades and bars and restaurants. My favorite bar to go on a night has always been the Sun Castle. I also love the seal sanctuary where they have seals, penguins, crocodiles and things like that. I also have finally started to like fantasy island market, I hated it when I was younger. I love the fair too. I know my way around Skegness so well. There is the famous chippan alley where all the chipshops are and then there is a corner with three chipshops on which I like to call Chipshop corner.

Have you been to any of these places? Where is your favorite place to go on holiday?


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Shop

Hi everyone so if you have read my blog for a while you will know that I have had a few blog headers in the few month I have been blogging this is due to the fact I love making them so after thinking for a while I have decided to start my own header shop. To access my shop you can just click the tab above or follow this link. All details and my gallery or over on there.

What's in my bag?

Hi everyone so today I am doing a 'Whats In My Bag' post. First off my bag is just this big black one with gold studs from newlook about 2 years ago. I don't think you can get it anymore and I also can't remember the price of it.

First section is my hair stuff. I have a large can off batiste dry shampoo in large that I am trying to use up so that is in there. I also have a mini  batiste dry shampoo in tropical for when I finish the large can. Lastly on the hair section is my insette hairspray. I just use this for if I have my hair up in my donut but to spray the little fly away bits down.

I also have my makeup bag with a few makeup bits in for me to top up my makeup. I carry my powder and a brush, the lip product I am wearing on that day and the benefit they're real mascara. The lip product will change on a daily basis but this day I used my collection cream puff in 'Fairy Cake'.

Last of all are my extra bits. I always carry my purse which is the cream silver Anne Smith purse which I got for Christmas. My umberella as I live in England and it always rains. A ted baker body spray, my headphones and a mini hairbrush which I got with a hair dryer.

What do you always carry in your bag?


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rimmel BB Cream Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review on the Rimmel BB Cream. I received this sample sachet in a magazine a while go and I never got round to trying it. I finally got round to trying it last week when I was going to work. As it is very hot here at the moment and where I work it gets very hot so I didn't want to wear a foundation so I thought this would be perfect change to try it.

As you can see by this picture it has light coverage but it matched my skin tone very well. My only concern with this it the consistency, I don't know whether it was because I had left it so long or whether or not it is how it actually is. It was very light with dark speckles, they seemed to disappear when I put it on my face though so it didn't cause me any problems. It also lasted well whilst I was at work and it was 24 degrees in my work so in all it lasts well. It is a 9 in 1 in BB cream which is what more than the other ones in my collection are. It also has spf 25 which is great for if the hot weather sticks around
This costs- £6.99


Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday Blogger Interview #2- Hayley from teapartybeauty

Hi everyone so today's blogger interview is with the lovely Hayley from teapartybeauty. Hope you enjoy it and on with the interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.
So my names Hayley & I am the wrong side of my 20's & live in Leeds. I am slightly obsessed with everything a bit vintage & should have been born in a different ero I am sure of it. I used to work int he beauty industry in salons & ran my own salon too & I am a self confessed make up hoarder (my eye liner stash is at around 20 at the moment, ooppss) 
I decided to start blogging in March & set to setting my own blog up, It's a beauty blog mainly but I like to throw in a few lifestyle posts every now & again, mostly when I want to rant about something or blog about my shenanigans. I also do a DIY post when I am feeling creative (which isn't as often as I would like) 

 What made you start blogging?
I have read blogs for years & love checking out reviews before I buy stuff, especially makeup. I had been thinking of starting one for a little while then finally bit the bullet one day & set too it. I am also studying for my TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) & thought what better way to try & improve my shocking grammar than writing, and seeing as there is no way I could write a book anyone would want to read, blogging seemed perfect.

What 1 item can you not leave the house without?
Tricky, if you ever saw my handbag you would see I am a little bit of an over-packer. At one time I counted over 10 nail polishes in my bag. Why I would ever need over 10 polishes with me at any given time is a mystery.  In terms of make-up I can't leave the house without some kind of eye product like mascara or eyeliner on, as I look like an extra from The Walking Dead without it. For a non beauty item it is my Iphone 5 without a doubt. I need my daily Twitter fix & also it's great for blogging on the go, I have the nifty little Blogger app so there is no excuse for me forgetting ideas or not posting.

What is your favorite makeup brand?
Errrmmm can I just say make-up as a whole? This is tricky as I love different ones for different things. If I had to pick it would be Benefit, but then again I love Rimmel too. Eeekkkk. I can't do it, it's like picking your favourite child. 

 What shop do you love?
Vivienne Westwood. Everytime I walk past the store I have to have a peek in, everything is so quirky & I would have loved to have been around for the punk movement in the 70s/80s when Ms Westwood was at the centre of punk fashion.

What are your biggest beauty/fashion hate's, that people do? 
Are you ready for the ridiculously long list? 
Eyebrows, I hate the overly done up eyebrow look, there is no need to have your brows looking like they have been drawn on with a black crayon. 
Stickers left on the bottom of shoes, PULL IT OFF. 
Shorts that are the same size as underwear. You wouldn't leave your house in your knickers now would you, so why is it acceptable to wear the denim equivalent of french knickers to go do your food shopping. Maybe I am just getting too old hehe. 
See through over stretched leggings. I do not need to see your cartoon knickers through your leggings, no matter how cute they are.
Seriosuly I could go on forever but I am starting to sound like an old grandma at the bus stop so I will leave it at them 4. 

What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
Be yourself when writing, it makes for great reading.

Any last things you would like to say?
Thank you to Keira for her great questions & amazing blog. Also I hope I haven't scared you all away & that you come & have a read of my blog, it's amazing to think that people read it & I really do enjoy writing it. Oh & always wear an SPF no matter what time of year it is :) 


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Summer Wishlist- Shoes

Hi everyone so every Sunday for the next 6 weeks I will be doing a Sunday Summer Wishlist. Every Sunday I will have a topic such as shoes, bikini's etc. I will pick 10 of the things from each category of what I want. This week we have Shoes. 

1- South Peters Jewel Front Gladiator Mule Sandals- £25 Very.
2- Black Stud Ankle Strap Sandals- £19.99 Newlook.
3- Studded Strappy Flat Sandals- £39.99 Zara *£17.99 Online On At The Moment*
4- Ted Baker Flip Flops- £35 Ted Baker


Friday, 12 July 2013

Sheffield Spending Ban Update #3

Hi everyone so today it's spending ban update time again and this time I am on time with it! It hasn't been too hard for me this week as I never got my wages last week so I didn't have money to spend. I am currently wanting a few mac products. I am wanting a lipstick, palette, some pans to go in my palette and the studio sculpt foundation. It is a good thing I can't get these where I live and I would have to order online to get them or have to travel about 1 hour and a half to go to my nearest mac store. Overall I think I am doing quite well with this spending ban as this is the longest I have lasted on one.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A-Z Brand.

Hi everyone so today's post is going to be the A-Z brand tag. I am going to put each letter from the alphabet and think up 1 brand that begins with that letter. It seems easy but I really don't think it will be. If you do this tag or have done it leave the link in the comments section for me to take a look at. 

B-arry M
D-ainty Doll
H-erbal Essence
J-ohn Frieda
N-ails Inc
P-iz Buin
Q-ue bella
S-inful colours
U-rban Decay
W-et and wild
X-en tan
Y-ves Staint Lauren
Z- palette


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sheffield Spending Ban #2

Hi everyone so I am late with this post yet again! Sorry!! It's my Sheffield Spending Ban update. I am still sticking to it and haven't caved in and bought anything yet. Every time I get money I am just putting it straight into my tin which can't be opened. I did finish my foundation so I thought I was going to have to buy another one but I dug out a few ones that I still had and got out my tinted moisturizers meaning I don't have to buy a foundation yet. The only thing I am wanting this week is the MUA undress me too palette as I have just got the Undressed palette and I love it. I also want to compare the undress me too palette with my naked 2 palette but I am sure I can wait until my spending ban is over! Not that long left to go now!


Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday Blogger Interview #1- Holly from Real Rebel.

Hi everyone so today is the launch of my Monday Blogger Interview and today I have for you Holly from

 Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog. 
My blog is based on hair and makeup. There's a bit of lifestyle posts on 
there too.

What made you start blogging?

It was a spur of the moment thing-I'd realised that everyone was 
blogging and sharing their secrets,so I gave it a go.

What 1 item can you not leave the house 
My phone!!

What is your favourite makeup brand? 
Rimmel. I love there mascara!!

What shop do you love?

Which product do you think is not hyped up 
Lip balm. It's a lifesaver 
Who are your favourite bloggers?
What are your biggest beauty/fashion hate's, that people 
Tide mark. Arr just pick the right colour,and fake tan being toooo 

What 1 tip would you give to a new 
Keep at it even if you think you won't get 

Any last things you would like to 
A bit thank you to Keira for letting me do this. And go and check my blog.