Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dad's Wedding

Hi everyone so if you follow me on twitter and instagram you will know my dad got married on Saturday 27th July. It was a fantastic day and it was nice to see all of his wife's family from London as I haven't seen them for years. I thought I would do a post showing you a few pictures and telling you about the day.

We stopped in the posh hotel in town where they got married the night before, we all went for a meal before heading back to the room, we were in the largest room as it is the wedding suite.
The hairdresser and makeup artist came in the morning . Me and my sisters were walking round the hotel all morning waiting.
As we waiting to go down the aisle me and my sisters were more nervous than his wife! Me and my youngest sister basically speed walked down the aisle and my little cousin through a tantrum because she didn't want to go down.
We then headed down stairs where we had our pictures taken on the stairs before heading down to this little private bar area while the wedding breakfast was cooked.
We then went up to the ballroom for our wedding breakfast; being a bridesmaid I had to sit on the top table. The best man etc done their speeches and all the people involved got their present; I got a pandora bracelet.
For starter we had mago. Main we had chicken in mushroom sauce with potatoes. Dessert was profiteroles.
We then had to leave the room for an hour whilst they prepared it for the reception we all just went for a walk and sat in the lobby.
At 7 the guests for the evening do arrived. I had never danced so much in my life; I'm not a one for dancing at parties but I danced all night to the best song ever! ( sorry that had to be done! ).
It was a great day and night!
Hope they are having a brill time on their honeymoon now though!

The Cake

Balloon Bride and Groom

The Rings.

Me On The Stairs.

Bathroom Selfie.

Close Up On Hair And Makeup.

Before The Wedding.

I didn't include pictures of the bride and other people as I didn't know how they would feel about me publishing pictures of them on my blog. Also they don't know about my blog.



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