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Where I'v been On Holiday.

Hi everyone so today's post is not beauty or fashion related. As it is coming up to the holiday season I thought I would share with you the places I have been on holiday in the 16 years that I have lived. I am not trying to boast by any means I just thought it would be a good and different type of post.

As a northerner it is no surprise that I have been on holiday to Blackpool. I went for a holiday when I was younger then I have been twice since for 2 nights. I love Blackpool and it is only 1 hour and a half away from where I live. There is sooo much to do here such as the pleasure beach, madame tussards, the tower, seal life center and much more. When I stayed when I was younger I think I stayed in a caravan but I can't be 100%. The second time I stayed here I stayed in a hotel called Baywater hotel and the final time I stayed in a travel lodge at the pier. I do go on a few day trips here with my local coach company too in the summers, I am planning on going for my birthday this year.

The blue lagoon resort in Kos, Greece was the first holiday abroad I spent with my dad. We went here about 5 years ago. It was the first time I had been all inclusive and I loved it. We had a room right by the entertainment tent, round the corner from the pools and restaurant. We spent 10 days here and we always found ourselves around the kids pool as it had a slide and the adult pool was too deep for my step sister and me. It had its own little beach too which was just over the road. Apart from going to the beach we never left the resort as it had everything we needed including a shop which sold english papers. The kids pool had its own bar where we got on well with the waiter who let us invent our own drinks 'Crazy Cocktails' which had coke, lemonade, fanta, orange juice and grape juice.

I spent 2 holidays here when I was younger at the haven park and have been a few times on a day trip as it isn't far from where my family lives. I am going here for the night next month with my Auntie and can't wait. There is a fair ground here which I went too when I was younger and screamed on one of the mini rides and they had to stop it to let me off. There is a lot to do on the seafront with arcades and shops everywhere. There is even a little train that goes up and down the sea front. There is also a leisure center near the top end which has a slide. The only thing about Cleethorpes there is a lot of wasps everywhere.

This was my first ever holiday abroad when I was about 10. I can't remember the name of the hotel I stayed in but I remember it was at the bottom of a hill. The hotel wasn't the best but it was ok as we just used it for the pool which nobody used so we pretty much had it to ourselves. There is shops and restaurants on the main strip. I can't really remember much about this holiday as it was nearly 7 years ago apart from that it was very very hot.

I went here about 3 years ago with my dad and his family for a week and I really enjoyed it here. It had wifi throughout the whole hotel so no matter where I was I could be online ( good if your a blogger ). The curved bits that you can see sticking out belong to the hotel and are walkways. There is also a private beach which you can only access from the hotel. Unlike Kos we went out twice to see the surrounding place. We went to a nice bar that was owned by a man called Alex. We went to the market but it wasn't very nice as everyone was trying to get you to go their stall and buy things etc. The food in this hotel was really nice and the pool area was huge. We never seen the night time entertainment as we spent it in our rooms. This is where my dad proposed to his girlfriend and they are getting married next week.

This is the last place I went to abroad and I really didn't like it. The picture shown above doesn't show the hotel how we seen it last year. The rooms where dirty and me and my step sister had to sleep on a couch for a week. More than once in the week we were there the water supply cut out so we had no water. The pool area was horrible as it was covered in green slime meaning everyone was slipping. Not good for round a pool. The entertainment wasn't that good either. I found myself counting the days down to come home when I was here. I did like the shop though as they sold flossy shoes very cheap and I bought myself about 5 pairs. It is very easy to get lost finding your room too and if you are bottom floor you have no privacy as your 'balcony' is on the floor and people have to walk through it to get to their rooms. ( sorry for the negativity but im not going to lie).

This hotel is the New York Hotel in Disney Land Paris. This was a beautiful hotel in the heart of the Disney village. You just walked through the village and turned a corner and it was there. Our room had a view of the ice rink and lake. The Disney characters also call in to this hotel at regular times for meet and greets. We only had breakfast in this hotel and it was continental so it wasn't what I enjoy. There is also a mini Disney shop in the hotel too.

This was the best holiday ever. In fact I don't think I could write a mini review on this holiday I could do a whole post on it for you ( comment if you would like that) I came here last year and omg I had the best holiday ever! We stayed at Tonoz Beach hotel which is right on the strip. Our favorite bar to go to was called shadows and it was such a laugh. We ate at a different restaurant every night and went on two boat trips, a night one where we had a BBQ then done belly dancing and stuff on a beach and then another one where we went out on a boat for a full day stopping off at different places. There is plenty of lagoons to go to aswell as the beach. It is a big place for paragliders too. I would recommend this resort to everyone!! 

I came here about 4 years in the April and the weather was poop! We spent every day by the indoor pool as it was too cold to sit at the outside pool. The hotel itself was lovely and we enjoyed playing the pool side games and the night entertainment was good but the food was horrible  That bad that we ended up going to  MacDonald's for tea instead. Best bit was we seen a member of staff in there having their tea too! It was a laugh though and I did enjoy myself just wish the weather and food had been better.

I have been to this haven camp twice and I love it. It is just outside of Edinburgh. I like how it has everything you need here and I love staying in caravans. It has an on site shop, swimming pool, restaurant, arcade and bar. The bus into Edinburgh comes into the park too. It also has a field at the very back which is home to a few horses which I loved going to see everyday. There is also a park and kebab shop too. Their is lovely villages outside such as North Berwick, Portabello and Musselburgh. They also have little beaches but North Berwick is my favorite place. As it is haven you get to see Bradley Bear, Roary the Tiger and their friends.

Last on my list is good old Skeggy. I came here for years as a child and I went again two years ago and I really want to go back again! I used to stay in a hotel called the Merrydale where we knew the owners very well but when they decided to sell up we stopped going to Skegness. Its front is full of arcades and bars and restaurants. My favorite bar to go on a night has always been the Sun Castle. I also love the seal sanctuary where they have seals, penguins, crocodiles and things like that. I also have finally started to like fantasy island market, I hated it when I was younger. I love the fair too. I know my way around Skegness so well. There is the famous chippan alley where all the chipshops are and then there is a corner with three chipshops on which I like to call Chipshop corner.

Have you been to any of these places? Where is your favorite place to go on holiday?


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  1. Oh cool I live literally 5 minutes away from Cleethorpes! It's quite nice there, isn't it? :) xx


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