Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Water Marble Nail Art.

Hey everyone! Today's post is going to be a nail art tutorial for you!
I do love a bit of nail art. I posted a picture on instagram of the items I will be using and got people to guess what it was and if you guessed water marble, you were correct!
I have done this once before and I loved it so thought I would do it again and this time as I am blogging I thought I would show you all how to do it if you want to do for it yourself.

White Nail Varnish.
Clear topcoat.
3+ Nail varnishes of your own choice. ( I chose Essie-Cascade cool, Sinful Colours- Why Not, Skinart UK- What is coral. Barry M- Tangerine, Barry M- Greenberry.)
Bowl of room temperature water.
Nail varnish Remover.
Cotton Pads.
Cotton Buds.
Cocktail Sticks.

First off paint your nails white. This just makes the colours stand out more and will help them onto your nail  a bit better. Also if the design doesn't exactly cover your nail the white will be there so it won't look silly.
For this I just used a w7 white nail varnish.

Drip in your chosen nail varnishes so that they go like this. You can use as many or as little as you like for each nail. Make them all different!

Swirl the cocktail stick around the polishes so that they form a nice design that you would like on your nails.
Each design that you do will be different.

Once you have got the design you like dip in your finger then pull it out! This is where it gets messy.
Once you have taken your finger out of the water and your are left with a horrible mess like me ( if you cellotape around your nail it wont get messy!) I then used my cotton wool pads of the back of my finger and the cotton bud around the actual nail to get all the excess off. Repeat this on every nail then seal with a topcoat.

If there is still nail varnish in the water just take a cocktail stick and swirl it around the polish and it should lift up onto the stick and the water will be left clean.

Here are my finished nails! I love them.

Have you tried the water marble nails? 



  1. Hi There! Im a new follower and I love your water marble nail art. The colors are so summery :)


    1. Thanks for following! Thanks I really like the design and the colours too x


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