Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hi everyone so you may have seen @FBLbloggers on twitter have started doing a monthly theme where they tell you the theme and we have to do a post around it and when tweeting it use the #BloggersDoTHEME replacing the word theme with whatever the theme is for that month. This month is nautical. As you can see by my header I have decided for each month that I take part in I am going to make my header the theme too and they will be available to order from my shop.
I decided to do my nails and makeup nautical themed and I have a play-suit that is nautical themed so I thought I would put that in to.

I have this play-suite from primark last year which is a red top with navy shorts that have white spots and 4 red buttons. I am aware I haven't quite got the outfit pose yet and I look very awkward! This is only the second time I have posted a outfit on here and this is no doubt why I look so awkward.

For makeup I went for navy eyes and a bright red. The eyeshadows I used are just out of a set from claires. and the lipstick I have on is by Constance Carroll. I am unsure on whether this red suites me yet as I haven't had it long. I also have a tinted moisturiser on by natural collection.

Finally for my nails I went for navy and white stripes. I was going to do an anchor too but I found it too hard so gave it a miss. I used Avons Twilight blue as a base then used my white Barry M to do the lines.

If your taking part leave your link to this post in the comments for me to look at!

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