Thursday, 4 July 2013

Haul- MUA, Fragrance Direct and Miss Rebel Clothing.

Hi everyone! So today I have a haul for you. You may know I am on a spending ban but my mum did buy these for me so that doesn't count, does it? I done some online shopping last weekend at fragrance direct and miss rebel clothes, I also went into town and got 2 things from MUA

Artiste Collection - £6
I had been wanting this palette for a long time but I was always put off by the price, I know that sounds silly but its MUA and they are always really cheap and £6 is a lot for them. I do love it though. It comes with 6 eye shadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. 

Undressed Palette- £4
I also picked up the Undressed palette. This has 12 shadows that are supposed to be a dupe for the urban decay naked palette, but I can't say whether they are dupe or not as I haven't tried the Naked palette. I am going to get the Undress me too palette and I will compare that one with the Naked 2 palette. This palette has some really good neutrals that I will wear on an everyday basis.

Constance Carroll Nail Varnish Neon Lime- 50p
You may or may not know that I have a slight nail varnish obsession.... (over 100). I seen these nail  varnishes were only 50p so I decided to be brave and got a neon lime colour. I know this colour might not be too everyone's taste but I really like it.

Constance Carroll Nail Varnish-Ebony 50p
I also picked up a black nail varnish as the one I have at the moment is going a bit funny and I didn't really wear it much due to that fact. 

Constance Carroll Lipstick- City Red 50p
I have always been too scared to wear red lipsticks so I just thought when I seen this that I was going to give it a try. For 50p whether it suites me or not it really doesn't matter as it isn't a big loss at that price. I am unsure whether I suite it or not.

Constance Carroll 9 Colour Eye shadow Palette 75p
This palette is called Everyday classics. I like the neutrals colours in this palette but I am unsure about the purple and green as I always stick to browns and golds.

Constance Carroll- Rose Blush 75p
At the moment I have been loving blusher. I chose this one and it is a very light pink. I am pleased at how light this is as the ones I have are quite bright and you have to be light handed to get them subtle.

Royale eye brushes conture and smokey £1.25 and 99p
I got 2 eye brushes as I don't many so I picked up 2 more. The one on the left is the conture eye shadow brush which is £1.25 and the other one is the smokey eye shadow brush which is 99p.

Essie- we're in it together £1.99
Another essie polish... this one isn't my favorite one, it is a lot more sheer that I thought it would be. It has blue shimmer running through it. I only get essie polishes from fragrance direct as I can't get them where I live.

Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream 56k- 99p
I have been obsessed with my collection 2000 cream puff so when I seen this one for 99p I had to get it to try it out.  I haven't tried this yet but I really hope it is as good as the collection one.

Miss Sporty eye duo Sleek looking, Gold- 50p
My final fragrance direct products are the Miss sporty eye duo's. The one on the left is Sleek looking and the one on the right is Gold. Both neutrals.

Maxi Skirt Black- £3.99
I had been wanting a maxi skirt for a while now for the summer and so that I can wear them with my crop tops. At £3.99 I couldn't go wrong.

Cerise Crop top £3.99
This is just a plain cerise crop top that I will wear with my disco pants, high waist jeans and maxi skirt. I already have this in bright blue.

Orange and white tye dye crop top- £3.99
I got another crop top to add to my collection. This one is a tye dye effect in orange and white. I think this will look great this summer.

Neon pink cross vest top £3.99
The last thing I have is this neon pink cross vest top. I really like this top but unfortunately it has gone from the website now. I just wear this with my jeans as a casual outfit.

If you would like to see any reviews, OOTD's or lookbooks with any of these things just leave a comment and I will do them for you



  1. Love the MUA Undressed Palette, defo a fave of mine. I ordered some of the Manhattan lip creams too. Can't wait until they come. Raspberrykiss xo

    1. I love it, my go to palette at the moment. I love the Manhattan lip cream. I love them kind of lip products at the moment xx


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