Monday, 26 August 2013

TAG- The One and Only.

Hi everyone so I was tagged by the lovely Shannon from raspberry kiss to do the one and only tag. Basically you say what one product you would pick out of each section if you could only use one again.

Primer- The Avon Magix face perfecter.
Base Product- Natural Collection tinted moisturizer.
Concealer- Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. 
Powder- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.
Blusher- Dainty Doll; You are my sunshine.
Bronzer- Never use bronzer so I can't answer.
Highlighter- Again I never use it so I can't answer.
Makeup Brush ( single )- My powder brush from Claires.
Eyebrow Product- I don't have to use eyebrow products.
Eyeshadow (single)- If this counts my Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in On and On Bronze.
Eyeliner- MUA liquid liner in black.
Mascara- Benefit They're Real.
Lipstick, Lipgloss or Lipstain- Revlon lip butter; Sweet tart.
Lipliner- I don't use lipliner.
Lip balm- Bodyshop chocomania.
Nail Varnish- Essie; Cascade cool.

I tag you all!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Hi everyone just a quick update for you all. Sorry I haven't done a proper post in a while but I really haven't felt like doing one. I have lots of things to review but I'm not going to lie to you I just couldn't be bothered. Think I had writers block.
I have some idea's about posts that will be appearing in the next few weeks such as a birthday wishlist, travel makeup, back to school posts then a MASSIVE haul which will be up the first week of September! 
I also get my GCSE results tomorrow and I am really nervous about it now. 
If you want to see a post on my GCSE results let me know in the comments and I will do so.
I'm off to Sheffield on Saturday until the 2nd September then I start college on the 4th which I am super excited and nervous about at the same time!
Sorry again but posts will resume again very very soon.
I also have a mini blog sale that will be going up later on today.


Friday, 16 August 2013

Advertise with me.

Hi everyone, sorry I have been a bit quiet the last few days!
Anyway today I have exciting news. This is something I have wanted to do for a while now and I am now finally doing it.
Having monthly advertisers. I will be having 5 advertisers a month.
1 gold, 2 sliver, 3 bronze. I couldn't think of any cool names for the packages so that will have to do for now.
GOLD- 1 person a month will be my gold advertiser. This person will have a blog post on the 1st of the month telling people about their blog and themselves. A link at the bottom of each blogpost. a #ff every Friday of the month they are advertising in and finally their blogbutton on the side on the side of my blog. This package is £5.

SILVER- 2 people a month will be my silver advertisers. They will each get their blogbutton on the side of my blog. Their link at the bottom of each blogpost and a #ff every Friday of the month they are advertising in. This package is £2.50.

BRONZE- 3 people a month will be my gold advertisers. These people will get their blog link at the end of each blogpost for the month they are advertising in and a #ff every Friday of the month they are following in.  This package is £1.50.

If you would like to be an advertiser please email me at or use the contact form at the side. All payments to be made via PAYPAL.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Hi everyone so today is a different type of post for you all, hope you don't mind. I have seen a few bloggers mention they suffer from anxiety and I have seen a few posts about it too so when I asked on twitter if people would want to see this a huge amount of you said yes.
My anxiety started last September when I had been off school ill for a very long time and it was time for me to go back and I realized I couldn't. The thought of having to go in a class with everybody scared me. I started having panic attacks and couldn't go. Throughout the time I was ill etc I didn't see anybody and I stayed in my house as I was too scared too leave.
That October somebody was hammering on my front door all through the night and that really started off my anxiety and panic attacks again. The night after that I started with a serious panic attack at 7pm. I was getting palpitations, legs were numb, couldn't breath, shaking and chest pain. My mum was trying everything to calm me down but nothing was working. By the time it got to 11pm my mum rang the out of hours doctors for me to go up there to be checked over. I finally stopped with the panic attack as I was leaving the hospital at around midnight. The out of hours doctor was useless and just said to me I had to wait until the morning baring in mind I couldn't breath.
The next morning I went to the doctors and they were just as useless and told me they couldn't do anything as I hadn't been suffering for long.
This February it all started up again, the school nurse who I worked with as I was still not going to lessons offered to do some breathing techniques with me but she never. In the months where I had no bother with it I managed to get myself a job which I am still at now. 
When I was working it did effect me a little as I have to communicate with a lot of people which I find hard sometimes.
In April I had my college interview which again set of a panic attack as I knew I was going to have to be around lots of people for it. Turned out it was fine though.
Recently I was trained on the till at work. I was good at first as I wasn't having to serve lots of people at once but over the last few weeks I have been left alone to deal with a que of 6 people. That's not a lot normally but where I work they all want food and drinks which I also had to do as well as the till. 
This again caused my anxiety to flare up and I have been suffering really bad this last week to the point I have been having panic attacks before I go. I told my boss my problem and she gave the rest of week of. I am still yet to hear back of when I am going.
I have been considering leaving my job now and going into something I enjoy and that is a lot less busy.
I am starting college this September and I am so scared and I know my anxiety will start up again but I hope it won't be too bad.

If any of you suffer with anxiety feel free to drop me an email if you would like to talk to me. You can use the contact form on the side.


Monday, 12 August 2013

Monday Blogger Interview #6- Hayley from Water Painted dreams.

Hi everyone so today I have another blogger interview for you. Today is it with Hayley from Water Painted Dreams.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.
Hello my name is Hayley, and I'm a 16 year old blogger from Scotland. I started my blog, Water Painted Dreams, about a year and a half ago and fell in love with blogging. I would say my blog is a mixture between a beauty blog and a lifestyle blog with a bit of fashion thrown in as well.

What made you start blogging?
I watched a lot of beauty YouTubers and saw that they all had blogs. I was too  shy to make videos so I started a blog instead.

What 1 item can you not leave the house without?
Probably my phone, not because I'm constantly on it but because I get paranoid that I might need to call someone for help if an emergency occurs. 

What is your favorite makeup brand?
Probably Sleek or No7 or Urban Decay, I can't choose!

What shop do you love?
My top 3 are Lush, Waterstones and Topshop.

Which product do you think is not hyped up enough?
The No7 cream blushes are amazing and I've never heard another blogger talk about them

Who are your favorite bloggers? 
All the people that I make videos with for Paperbacks and Beauty Facts :)

What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
Just keep working hard and producing great content and eventually your following will build!

Any last things you would like to say?
Just a massive thank you for interviewing me!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

About Me Tag!

Hi everyone so I have been blogging for about 4 months now and I thought its about time I do a tag that will help you get to know me a little bit better plus I love reading posts like this because well to be honest I am nosey!

Do you have a middle name? Yeah I do, Toni.
What was your favorite subject in school? I really liked art and food technology, but only the practical part!
What is your favorite drink? Fizzy vimto without a doubt. Love it.
What is your favorite song at the moment? I have two. Avicii- Wake me up and Icona pop- I don't care.
What would your name your children? I have never really thought about this but I like the name Grace.
Do you participate in any sports? Not anymore, I used to do football, dance and gymnastics but I don't anymore.
Favorite book? I don't really have one as I don't read that often.
Favorite colour? Pink ( as you can tell by the colour scheme ).
Favorite animal? Polar bear or guinea pig.
Favorite perfume? Next- Just pink.
Favorite season? Summer.
Have you graduated high school? Yes! I get my GCSE results on the 22nd of this month!
Have you ever been out of the country? I have, I have been to Turkey twice, Spain twice, Greece twice and France once.
Do you speak any other language? In primary I done German then I done Spanish for 3 years in high school which I was good at.
How many siblings do you have? 2 step sisters.
What is your favorite store? Superdrug for makeup and Primark for clothes.
Favorite restaurant? Nandos although I hardly ever go.
Did you like school? Half and half, I had my good times and my bad times there.
Favorite youtubers? I can't pick one so heres my top 5: Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Mikhila, Tanya Burr and Pixi Woo. Plenty more but they are my top 5.
Favorite movie? I love Grease, Have done since I was like 4.
Favorite TV show? Anything real life hospital; 24 hours in A+E, One Born Every Minute etc.
PC or MAC? PC, I really want a MAC though, maybe one day.
What kind of phone do you have? Iphone 4s.
How tall are you? Im only 5 foot! So I'm really small compared to everyone I know.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter- Review

Hello everyone so today I have a review on the Palmer Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter. I seen loads of people rave about this for ages so I had to pick it up and I have to say I love it. You can get this from boots and superdrug and it costs £2.25. It is a clear lip butter so you can add colour after applying it. It tastes soooo good. It smells and tastes of After Eight chocolate! So good I could just eat it. It lasts really well on my lips leaving them feeling mega soft for hours afterwards.

Have you tried this lip butter? 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara- Review.

Hi everyone so today I have a review on the Benefit They're Real Mascara. I got this in Elle magazine a few months ago. I had wanted to try this for the longest time ever but wasn't prepared to pay the full price of £19.50. You  can get this from boots, benefit contours and online here.

I love this mascara! I already have really long eyelashes but this mascara makes them even longer. As you can see the picture on the left is me wearing no mascara and on the right I am wearing this mascara. It gives a great amount of length and volume to my lashes making them even more longer than they normally are, that being a problem when I wear glasses although I am getting contact lenses soon so the length of my lashes won't matter. I am so tempted to buy this full price when I run out or ask for it for my birthday next month.

Have you tried this mascara? Do you like it? 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick- Bad Girl Bronze Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review on the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in the shade Bad Girl Bronze. You can get this from boots and superdrug and online here. These cost £4.49. On the package it says it is waterproof but I can't say whether or not it is as I haven't put it through that test yet.

I adore this shade. If you have read my blog for a while now you would know I love these types of colours. I wear this on a day where I don't have enough time to do a smokey eye. This is a really creamy formula. It is easy to apply as you just draw it over your lid and then it is on. I really want the cream colour of this. I also really want to try the eyeliners of these too. I love the easy application products so this is a love of mine.

Have you tried these before? What's your favorite easy application product?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Black and Purple Vintage Chic Sunglasses

Hi everyone so today I have a review on some sunglasses that I was sent by specspost. I got to choose which glasses I wanted and I chose the Black and Purple Vintage Chic Sunglasses. They are available here. Just a quick note that I was sent these by the company and didn't pay for them myself. My thoughts on these will remain the same.

These are what the glasses look. I love them. I currently wear glasses so I have been wearing these over my normal glasses but soon I am getting contact lenses soon. I love the shape of these glasses too.

Here is what they look like on me. These glasses suite my face shape well and they are really comfy to wear. The lenses have a slight purple tinge to them too. 
I would really recommend them to anyone, they have a huge variety of sunglasses and even just normal glasses. You can also pay extra to have prescription lenses put in if you need them.

What are your favorite sunglasses? 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Shoutout To Chloe.

Hi everyone I just want to do a quick shoutout to Chloe who has just started a blog yesterday. She messaged me yesterday asking me questions and things about blogging and has now started her own and I thought I would give her a shoutout on here for you all to go and follow her!
Hope you do as she is a really nice pretty girl!

Keira xx

MUA Power Pout Broken Hearted- Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review on another MUA power pout in Broken Hearted. I done a review on Runaway here. I am also doing a review on Rendervousz as well so look out for that in the next week!

This one is a bright pink colour. Like Runaway this smells and tastes very minty. It is highly pigmented and I love it. 

As you can see the colour transfers well onto my lips and is very glossy. It lasts on my lips for around 4 hours. I love these power pouts and I want to buy more colours of these. 

Have you tried any of these? What's your favorite one?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday Blogger Interview #5- Precious from fashionkween.

Hi everyone so its Monday again and that means its time for my Monday Blogger interview. Today we have Precious from Fashionkween. Also she is the first person to take part in this from America!!

Hello, lovelies my name is precious and i am going be be answering some fab interview questions that Keira sent to me, and i hope you enjoy them, so here it goes...

 Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.
- wow, well my name is precious, i am African american, but i was born in Nigeria Africa, i lived there for twelve years then i came here, i live in New York City and i am a student and a hopeless romantic who wears her heart on her sleeves. My blog or ''my baby'' as i like to refer it to is my little hiding place where i like to share little fashion details or things i wear and also learn from my readers.

 What made you start blogging?
- i really dont know because i've always wanted to blog but i have failed repeatedly until after repeatedly watching youtube videos, and visiting my favorite blogs i just decided to make one and so far it's been a good decision.

What is 1 item can you not live the house without?
- i cant live my house without my iphone, i would feel lost and completely out of place and i am not really a big watch-wearer so i would totally lose track of time and me not being a good time manager messes up my day completely.

What is your favorite makeup brand?
- i absolutely love Elf

What shop do you love?
- i love ZARA.

Which product do you thin is not hyped about enough?
- i think the elf makeup finisher, its amazing and allows your makeup to stay on for hours i absolutely love it.

Who are your favorite bloggers?
i really love negin and patricia bright i love them both and i always look forward to their posts

What are your beauty/fashion hates that people do?
- i hate when people wear the wrong shade of foundation and when people cake on too much make up, and i also don't like when people wear clothes that are smaller than them or when people write certain things just to get attention.

What is 1 tip you would give to a new blogger?
- Blog about what you love, the followers will come after, so don't worry.

 Any last things you would like to say?
- i would like to say thank you to keira and you guys for giving me your time i really appreciate it, and to see more of me you can find me where i blog at fashionkween, on my twitter where i blab about things and crack horrific jokes, and also my instagram where i take countless amounts of selfies. once again thank you

- Precious XOXO 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ask me questions

Hi everyone I am doing a Q&A post on my blog in the next few weeks so if you have a question you would like to ask me it can be about anything you like.
Either leave me a comment with the question or tweet me it on twitter using #askblogandmakeup
I will include all questions that I get asked so don't worry that I won't. 
I hope to get many questions from you all!

MUA Artiste Collection Multi-Use Palette- Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review of this beauty by MUA. The Artiste Collection.
I had my eye on this for ages and I finally got it about a month ago and I love it. It comes with 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer and a highlighter. This costs £6 from superdrug or online here.

These are the 6 eyeshadows that you get.
Pistachio- White with speckles of blue.
Mocca- Cream with speckles of dark purple.
Ice- Dark blue with speckles of light blue.
Grape- Purple with speckles of light blue.
Chocolate- Dark brown with speckles of cream.
Cookie- Bronze with speckles of pink.

The 4 face products you get are;
Pink Sparkle- Bright pink blusher.
Primrose- Peach blusher.
Bronzed- Dark brown bronzer.
Shimmer kiss- Off white highlighter.

As you can see they are all very pigmented. You can't really see the highlighter on this picture as it is a very light shade. This is a great palette for when you are travelling. It is really worth the £6 that I paid and I am pleased I did get it. I did put it off as for MUA it is expensive at £6 but I would highly recommend it.

Have you tried this palette? What's your thoughts on it?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Miss Sporty- Dr Balm Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review on the Miss Sporty Dr Balm for you. I had originally gone in looking for the Babylips and couldn't find them but I seen these instead so I got these. They are currently 3 for 2 in boots or £1.99 each.

 From the swatches they look like they are really good pigmented. Shade 1 ( Sweet Kiss ) is a very sheer baby pink. Shade 2 ( Glam Kiss ) is a sheer bright pink. Shade 3 ( Gossip Kiss ) is a sheer orange.

When they are on my lips you can't really see them which is disappointing. I have highly pigmented lips so I don't know if that's why they are not coming up on my lips as well. They also don't on my lips as long as I would like. They seem to last around an hour then I am having to top up again. 
I'm not sure if I would buy more of these but I will keep using the ones I have. 

Have you tried these? Whats your thoughts on them?

Friday, 2 August 2013

OOTD- Wedding.

Hi everyone so I went to a wedding last night and thought I would do an OOTD for you all. I am still looking very awkward in this picture haha.
Jumpsuite is from a local market.
Cardigan is from quiz.
Shoes are from Newlook.
Jewelry is from quiz.
Bag is from Lipsy. 


Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Current Beauty Wants.

Hi everyone so today I have for you my current beauty wants. I haven't done of these for a while so I thought I would do one again.

So first off I really want to try the new One Direction makeup by MUA. I am not a huge One Direction fan and I don't go crazy over them like a high number of teenage girls but I like them and really want to try the products. I was in superdrug the other day and I seen the lady bring out the stand but she took it back in the store room after adding a few things too it.

On my wishlist again is a MAC lipstick. I have wanted one of these for so so long and I still haven't got one yet. But now the prices have gone up I'm undecided on whether or not I will get one. As in my eyes £15 is a lot for a lipstick. I can still wish though.

Everyone and their mothers have been going crazy over these at the moment and I really want to see what the hype is. I went to get some the other day and they never had them in my boots or superdrug so I got the miss sporty dr balm instead. Hopefully when they have these in my boots and superdrug I will get some and do a comparison of the two.

I love the benefit they're real mascara and now they have relsead a new one called double the real so I really want to get my hands on this. It is apparently cheaper then they're real too which has gone up to £19 now but the new is supposedly £17.

What's on your beauty wishlist?