Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Black and Purple Vintage Chic Sunglasses

Hi everyone so today I have a review on some sunglasses that I was sent by specspost. I got to choose which glasses I wanted and I chose the Black and Purple Vintage Chic Sunglasses. They are available here. Just a quick note that I was sent these by the company and didn't pay for them myself. My thoughts on these will remain the same.

These are what the glasses look. I love them. I currently wear glasses so I have been wearing these over my normal glasses but soon I am getting contact lenses soon. I love the shape of these glasses too.

Here is what they look like on me. These glasses suite my face shape well and they are really comfy to wear. The lenses have a slight purple tinge to them too. 
I would really recommend them to anyone, they have a huge variety of sunglasses and even just normal glasses. You can also pay extra to have prescription lenses put in if you need them.

What are your favorite sunglasses? 

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