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Monday Blogger Interview #3- Georgia and Hannah from sisters who shop.

Hi everyone it's Monday so what does that mean? Monday Blogger Interview time! Today I have for you two sisters named Georgia and Hannah who blog over at Sisters Who Shop
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog
We are Georgia & Hannah and we are sisters, hence the name of our blog. On our blog we talk about all things beauty with some fashion and lifestyle type posts too. We blog about product reviews, make-up looks, TAGs, Outfits of the day, Celebrity style and just general posts on make-up and beauty. 

What made you start blogging?
We've both always enjoyed experimenting with new products and I (Georgia) am really passionate about make-up and enjoy writing about it to help others. We only realised that beauty blogs existed at the end of last year and decided that we had to start our own. It's also really nice to have an escape from our everyday lives, where I'm studying law at university and Hannah is doing her A -Levels, so it's nice to be able to have something that we both really enjoy and it's great to be able to do it together. 

 What 1 item can you not leave the house without?
Lipbalm for both of us, there's nothing worse than having dry lips. It can also make you look like you've got a subtle lipgloss on, which can really perk up your appearance. 

What is your favourite makeup brand?
We have been really loving L'Oreal, Bourjois and Revlon lately. Hannah's favourite is definitely Bourjois, for their eye shadows and foundation and mine is probably L'oreal, as I love their foundations and mascaras. However, we both really love Benefit for a higher end brand, as the packaging is just so cute and girly. 

What shop do you love?
Our favourite shop to shop at is Forever 21, as the shops are so huge and always have something for every style. We love the lay out and it's so exciting to shop in, especially with all the jewellery and accessories upstairs. 

Which product do you think is not hyped up enough?
The Bourjois smoky eye trio's are so good and we've never seen anyone else talk about them (recently reviewed on our blog). Also, although MUA products are spoken about a lot on blogs, we don't think they are given enough credit as the majority of the products are so good and also so cheap!

Who are your favourite bloggers?
The first blog we both fell in love with was Corrie's, at . Corrie's writing is so fun and interesting to read and her personality really shines through, in her humorous but really detailed beauty and fashion posts.
We also really love Shona's blog, at , she has only recently started, like us, but her blog is growing so well and you can see how passionate about her blog she is, which is really great when reading. 

We love Laura's Blog, at she has really interesting posts not only on beauty related pieces but also great lifestyle posts. 

Louise at  She has a great look to her blog and comes up with great new ideas for posts, which makes her blog really interesting to read. 

What are your biggest beauty/fashion hate's, that people do?
Well, each to their own but personally for us, really bad eye brows was definitely the first thing that came to mind. It's when they are drawn on, either so extreme, that they've completely changed into such an unnatural shape, or when they've been over plucked... it doesn't look good. Really thick black eyeliner just on the lower lash line, looks so bottom heavy. Bad fake tans, overly orange or patchy and streaky. The orange face and white neck is such a classic one. 
Fashion hates would probably be see through leggings... when worn without a long top covering the parts that should be covered! Crop tops without high-waisted shorts or skirts, even if you've got abs of steel this is still a little too much flesh to flash... unless on the beach or something. Also I really feel for girls who wear huge heels shopping, you can see they aren't comfortable. It's much better to be comfortable when shopping! 

What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
Keep at it! Sometimes it can be a little disheartening thinking that you're just talking to yourself online and no one is reading your blog, but they will with time, it doesn't often happen quickly. Also, to try think up new and exciting posts, so that your blog stands out. (We cheated by giving 2 tips, but there is two of us).

Twitter : @sisterswhoshop1
Instagram: sisterswhoshop1023


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