Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blogger Interview 2- livelaughlipstick.

Hey guys today's blogger interview is with Georgina otherwise known as livelaughlipstick. I am a frequent reader of her blog and I recommend you all go check it out! The link will be at the end

 What is your blog about?

My blog is a beauty and lifestyle blog, I post reviews of products and just generally chat about the products I am loving!

 5 facts about your self.
I sing a lot.

I have a fear of sharks!
I have a niece called Phoebe.
I don’t drink.
I am a very fast walker.

 What made you start blogging?
I had been reading blogs for a while and just fancied giving it a go!

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for 11 months now!

What makeup item could you not live without?

I could not live without foundation! I feel very unconfident without anything on my skin!

What is your dream job?
I think a makeup artist on a horror film would be pretty fun!

Where do you hope blogging will take you in the future?
As I include lifestyle in my blog I would love to have it to document everything, so I can see the journey I have come on.

Top 5 favorite bloggers.
Milkteef (

Styleandstarbucks (

Do you make youtube videos? If yes, what about? If no, would you like to in the future?
I currently don’t, in the future I would love to however I feel way to shy at the moment to do them!

Who is your idol?
My mum J

What are your blogging pet peeves? 
Generally I think people can do what they want on their blogs but it does annoy me when people leave comments on my blog like “I’ve followed you, follow back” or “follow for follow?” I follow people because I like their blog, not because they follow me!

Favorite makeup brand?


 What product do you think is not worth the hype?
I don’t think Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is worth the hype!

 Which product do you think doesn't get hyped about enough?
I really love Soap and Glory products and I don’t think these are talked about enough!

 Your favorite thing about blogging?
Definitely the people I’ve met, I have become good friends with lots of other bloggers which is really nice J

  What do you use to take your blog pictures?
I use a canon 600D

Biggest beauty/fashion crime?
See through leggings with a short top, when you are wearing a thong!! Eeek I do not enjoy being on an escalator with these people in front! Ha!

Do you talk about your blog when your with non-bloggers? Do you tell people you have a blog?
Only my best friend knows about my blog because her sister has one, I really need to get round to telling people, especially my parents I just don’t know how to bring it up!

What do you blog from? 
My Sony laptop!

Thank you very much. You should all go and check out her blog 

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