Wednesday, 17 April 2013

College Interview: OOTD,FOTD, NOTD and how did it go?

Hey guys so if you follow me on twitter then you will know that yesterday I went for my college induction and interview. I was very scared to the point I very nearly backed out of going. I applied for level 1 Beauty therapies. I thought it would be a good idea to show you what I wore, how I done my makeup, what was on my nails and most importantly how it went.
Here is my OOTD. I know this is not a very flattering picture of me but oh well it's the only I had taken. My top is from sainsburys, my trousers are just normal school pants from new look and the shoes are from wynsors.

My FOTD is the rimmel match perfection foundation, collection lasting perfection concealer, rimmel stay matte powder, Naked 2 palette and rimmel apocalypse in celestial.

The nail varnish that I wore is Follow me on glitter from the Nicole collection ny OPI, as you can tell it's only a mini but I love this polish so much I wish I had the bigger one.

When I arrived at the college I noticed there was about 30 people there which kinda through me back a bit as I was scared about having to speak aloud in front of all these people and their friends or family. Luckily I didn't have to. We then all got took upstairs to this TINY room where we all had to somehow squeeze in to watch a presentation about the course and the college. I thought my mum was going to pass out stood in there as it was so hot and there was no windows open either, after what felt like a lifetime we got split up. The people doing hairdressing were took to room to do their online assessments while all of us wanting to do beauty had to just sit in this room. Most people knew people who had applied but I didn't so I was just sat there staring at the wall haha. 
All of us wanting to do beauty got took through to do the assessments, there was 3; Maths, English and lifestyle.
Once I had done them all I was given a questionnaire type thing to fill in to give to the lady who was interviewing me. I was the first person for the beauty course to get interviewed so I was first out woop woop!
The interview wasn't as bad as I thought it was very relaxed. They just asked a few questions like asking what I would like for my future etc. The lady then informed me that I had been accepted onto the course and I am to go back in august to meet my tutor and the people on my course and to find out where my room will be.
I really can't wait to start!!!!


  1. Well done lovely, great post as well! xx

  2. Well done hun! I was so excited when I got accepted, it's a nervous task isn't it :) Lovely top btw <3

  3. Well done! Love the NOTD too :) really want to try one of the Nicole by OPI polishes, they look great! I love all of the OPI polishes I have tried, they've been great, they are just so pricey! :) xo

  4. Congrats thats brilliant love it when they dont make you wait ages to find out. X


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