Monday, 15 April 2013

Blogger Interview 1- Lifethoughtfunlush.

Hey guys so I am going to be doing a series of blogger interviews. If you would be interested in taking part please email me. My email address is dotted around my blog on every post or you can DM me on twitter.

The first person who's interview I have for you is the lovely Lifethoughtfunlush. She is a lovely girl who I talk to often through twitter who doesn't live that far from me and I hope to meet her one day. I will put her link at the end so you can go check her out.
Also it is her birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

What is your blog about?
. My blog is about my life & thoughts it's really about beauty also and Lush because I am a fanatic over Lush products and always enjoy going there and buying myself something new.

                                                                            5 facts about yourself.
 I have a kitten, I absolutely love the Kardashian's, I am happiest when I'm blogging, I have a partner of 2 1/2 years & I think I have anxiety issues.

What made you start blogging?
 I started blogging mainly because I was always watching Youtube beauty channels and saw that a lot of the people on Youtube had blogs & I began reading a lot of blogs and then discovering more & more that I enjoyed reading & I thought that I would try & give it a go & so far I'm really enjoying it.

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging since December so just over 4 months.

What makeup item could you not live without?
 I'm not really a huge make-up kind off gal but right now I don't think I could live without my MUA lipstick in Shade 4!

What is your dream job?
I know this might sound a little bit boring to a lot of people but an accountancy/business type of job.

Where do you hope blogging will take you in the future?
 I'm not to sure where my blog will take me in the future it could take me lots of places or it could take me no-where but I try not to think about it because I think I could get my hopes too high & then I would be disappointed so I'm going to wait & see where it goes...

Do you make youtube videos?
No, I don't make Youtube videos because I'm really self-concious I hope that overtime I build up my confidence & finally start to do it but right now I'm too scared to even put a picture up on my blog & that is without doing it on Youtube!

Who is your idol?
 It sounds sad but from a personal point of view I would say my grandmother my mother died when I was really young & she took me under her wing & helped to look after me & a lot of people I know's grandparents wouldn't do something like that especially because they are older & don't or aren't able to look after someone so young but she was strong & she did and I really admire that about her as she has been through a lot & is still strong I hope one day I will be like her.  From a blogging point of view I would say Zoe (Zoella) because she is so talented at writing/youtube.

Your favorite thing about blogging?
 My favourite thing about blogging is getting to talk about all the things that I love because a lot of people I know aren't really into the whole 'beauty, skin care, etc' thing they just buy what they buy & don't really think about their purchase so when I talk about things they don't really care so this is to kind off get away & talk to people who do understand when I get excited something new has came out and I can speak too.

What do you use to take your blog pictures?
This might sound really bad but I usually take my pictures with my Iphone but recently I've borrowed my father's camera & have been taking pictures with that in bulk so he can have it back as it is his pride & joy. 

Do you talk about blogging with your non-blogging friends? Do you tell people you have a blog?
 No-one apart from my partner knows about my blog I don't really have a lot of friends & the one's I do have wouldn't be interested I think this might just be another excuse because I'm quite nervous to hear what their reaction to this would be & I also worry that they won't like my blog so I haven't told anyone yet but I hope to one day because I know they won't judge. 

What do you blog from?
13.  I usually write my posts up on my Iphone & then edit them on the laptop because I find that at night I come up with an idea to blog about & I don't want to go through the whole process of switching on the laptop to then not want to blog any more because I've lost my mojo & sometimes I write up a blog post at 2am so that's late to have effort to move & get the laptop from wherever it is. (& that just makes me sounds so lazy! ;)!)

Any last things you would like to say?
 Thank you for letting me take part in this I really appreciate it & I hope your exams go well! ;)

Thank you for doing this post for me! 

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  1. An excellent start to the new blog! Look forward to seeing more from both of you! As a fellow lover of Lush, I got really excited when I saw who this interview was from =') x


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