Friday, 19 April 2013

Top 10 prom dresses

Hey guys today's post is going to be on the top 10 prom dresses that I love. The reason I am doing this post is prom time is approaching and this year will be my prom. I am not sure if I am going to it but I still enjoy looking at the dresses. I picked my 10 favorite prom dresses from some websites online. I will leave the websites for each of the dress in case you are interested in them. I would just like to add that most of these dresses are available in different colours off the websites that are linked with them.


The first dress that I like is this beautiful hot pink princess type dress.It has beaded detail at the top and on the ruffles. This dress costs £115 which I think is fairly cheap for a prom dress
                       A-line Sweetheart Beading Long Red Plus Size Dress
The next prom dress
 that I like is the red floaty beaded heart shaped dress. I love the dresses that have a heart shape at the top like this one and I think the colour is beautiful. £115.99. You can find this from 

The next dress is this turquoise one. This dress is a kind of wrap around from the middle downwards with ruffles. It has crystals around the top by the chest. This dress costs £255 a little bit more pricey by than the previous two.

   Wholesale Halter Sleeveless Floor-length Taffeta Ball Gowns for Teenagers
My next dress that I like is this black one. I haven't really seen many people wear blackprom dresses
 but I think this one is beautiful. It has white detail at the top, middle and on the ruffles. This costs £99.

                    Modest Strapless Floor-length Sleeveless Organza Ball Gowns for Teenagers
The next dress is this lovely baby pink dress. It has a lot of sparkles at the top with go down the dress.  This costs £118.99.

               Red Strapless Sweetheart Sequined Ruched Ball Gowns ISD196
The next dress is this red heart shaped dress with crystals around the edge of the top and on the middle with crystals down the dress. This costs £146.

                    Strapless Black Mesh Bead Dress
Next dress is this black coctail dress with a red band around the top with black and silver crystals on the red band. I am not really that keen on short dresses for prom as I think thatprom dresses
 should be ball gown/ princess style dresses. This is a mega bargain at only £22.99.

                         Black And Silver One Shoulder Crystal Maxi Dress
Next up is this long floaty black one shoulder dress. The shoulder has 3 lines of stones which come off round the top of the dress. This dress costs £59.99 and you can buy it from the shop quiz or online here

The next dress is this burgundy deep red kind of colour. Again this is a short dress with rose like ruffles at the bottom with a love heart top with crystals at the top. This is £105 and can be found here

                  Ball Gown Sweetheart Belt Long Pink Dress
My final dress is this black and baby pink long dress. The top of this is black with crystals at the bottom as it goes into the pink skirt. This costs £130.99 from here

I hope this helps all you girlys out there that are going to prom this year and are struggling to find dresses. If you have any requests you can tweet me them on twitter or email me them.

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