Friday, 19 April 2013

Im-press nail review

Hey guys so today I have for you a review on the Broadway Im-press stick on nails. I have tried these on 3 different occasions so I think I have a fair opinion on these nails now. These nails cost £8.99 from boots and superdrug

. I got the same nails each time- Rock it.

The first time I bought them I took off my nail varnish, used the wipe provided then measured the nails up with my natural nails to get the sizes. I peeled the back off them and placed them on my nails and pressed down for 20 seconds. I done this to the rest of my fingers and within minutes most of them were falling offer and wouldn't stick back down. The next time I bought them was a week or so later, I repeated the same steps as I had done the first time but these ones were so much different. They stuck down straight away and stayed on for around a week. The only reason I took them off is that I had to take them off for school as I do food technology and we are not allowed to wear them. It was such a mission to try and take them off I was literally having to rip them off as they had stuck down that well. I last bought them around a week ago as I wanted nice nails for over Christmas but as the first time I tried them they would not take to my nails! I was so annoyed. I think now I won't be using these again as I don't want to spend that money on them with the 50/50 chance of them actually working. I hope this review helps you all. If you have any requests email me or tweet me on twitter.

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