Thursday, 2 January 2014

Paperchase Wishlist

Hey everyone today's post is going to be my Paperchase wishlist.
If you are a blogger yourself you might be familiar with the obsession of notebooks and diaries.
I am obsessed with them at the moment and I went into Paperchase in Sheffield for the first ever and I bought a diary and a pen from there. I then came home and ordered more notebooks from the website. 
There is still things on the site I would like so I thought I would share with you what they are.

1. A5 week to view flock damask 2014 diary. Everyone needs a diary to keep them organised. I keep my diary to write in shifts at work, college dates and blog and video's. I write down everyday what post and video is going up to keep myself organized. £8

2. Pretty owl felt notebook. I love owls at the moment they are so cute and having one on this little notebook is adorable. I love how it is felt too so it will have a texture too it aswell.  £9

3. A5 Glitter gold notebook. How amazing is this notebook? I love sparkles and glittery things and this is just like a glitter explosion!! £6

4. A5 Beaded elephand stitch notebook. This notebook in me eyes is stunning! I love the detail on it. Although I would be scared of the beads falling off when its in my bag and things.  £10

5. Russian Doll Highlighters. I always like highlighting little random things in my notebooks that I may or may not find helpful one day, I also really like Russian dolls so these are the perfect combination! £3

6. Neon Pink Lockable Journal. This year I am going to be keeping a diary for a little challenge that you will know more about in February. This is a great diary as it is pink and lockable. £10

What do you like from paperchase?


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