Sunday, 5 January 2014

What I did this week #4

Hello everyone today I am back with this little series I started before I went off on my little blogging break. My what I did this week, telling you all what I done in the previous week!

Sunday- Today was my last day at work. I was working until 3 then headed to my dad's to celebrate my second Christmas. I went to meet my stepmum and sister from the train station then headed back to my dads to open my presents and have a cheeky takeaway. I got some great presents!

Monday- This was my best friends birthday! I started off with going to the doctors for a little blood test, I then went to Dumfries Ice Bowl with my friend to go ice skating! I wasn't that good though as my ankle kept giving way so I gave up and just watched my friend. I then headed to a very posh Italian restraunt with my friend and all of her friends for her birthday meal.

Tuesday- Argh New Year's Eve! Nothing really happened in the day time apart from I played sims all day! On the nigt I headed to a surprise wedding with my dad and his family. It was a fun night with all of my stepmums work friends, they are all crazy! Only downside was the taxi never turned up to take us home so we had around a 20 minute walk back which isn't good when your in very high wedges and my poor sister had no coat!

Wednesday- Again like the day before I played sims all day at my dads before having a full on Chritstmas dinner! It was lovely and I can not wait for another one next Christmas!

Thursday- Yet again a very lazy day! I went round to the shops with my stepmum and came home to play sims again, we had a massive buffet for tea it was yummy and still lots left 2 days later!

Friday- I went back to my mums in the morning then took a little trip to Sainsbury's, I got a diary to keep my little blogging self organised and a hot air brush which there will be a review on soon! I played a little more sims and watched Celebrity Big Brother

Saturday- Well this was abit of a poopy day! I woke up feeling awful! With a sore throat and bad head, I popped to town as I needed to go to the bank then came home and got in my pyjama's and watched telly all day from the couch.

What did you do this week? 


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