Thursday, 23 May 2013

May Glossybox 2013

Hi guys so its glossy box time again. My May glossy box came about a week ago but I haven't had to time to write a post up yet as I have been revising for my exams which are in the next few weeks. This is the second glossy box that I have had and so far I have liked both of these. This month is celebrating their 2 year birthday. It came in the normal glossybox packaging with birthday themed tissue paper inside. As it was their birthday we received a little extra treat and if I am correct if you have been a member for over a year you got a little bar of chocolate. I have only tried of these products yet but if you would like a review of them when I have tried them, let me know and I will do one for you.

First up is the fairy lashes mascara by Jelly pong pong. I love mascaras so I was really excited when I seem this. It claims that it is non-clumping, lengthening and volumising. This is full sized and would £15

Another thing is a nail varnish by headline colours. I got the shade 'twisted silk' which is a lovely off white pink type of colour. I have tried this product and to be fair I loved the colour but it didn't seem to last very long on my nails. It chipped after 1 day. This was also full size and would cost £9 to buy.

I also received l'occitane en Provence angelica hydration cream. I gave this to my mum as it isn't the type of thing I would use. It says this is a hydration cream that will leave your skin looking plumped, smoothed and absolutely radiant. I don't think my mum has tried this yet. For 50ml this will cost £30.

I also got the Caudalie Divine Oil. You can use this on your body, face, hair, nails and you can add it to a hot bath. I have used the avon argan oil on my hair for about 7 months but I have recently stopped using this as my hair started feeling constantly greasy and since I stopped using it my hair feels great, so I will be trying this on my hair. I also will be using this in the bath. For 15ml which is the size I got is £4.50.

I also got the Beautiful Movements Cosmetics prime & create. I don't really get this product? I have seen a few people say they wasn't sure what this is. I think you just apply this before your foundation. I tried this on the back of my hand and I really didn't like the feel of it felt very oily which isn't good for me as I have oily skin. The full size is 20g and will cost £20.

Last off all was a pack of Glossybox mini nail files. These are handy to just pop into your handbag incase you need to file your nails whilst you're out and about. These were a little gift from glossybox as it is their birthday.

Hope you all enjoyed this post

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