Wednesday, 2 October 2013

15 Beauty Questions TAG

Hey everyone so today I have a tag for you all. I am going to be doing the 15 beauty questions, I have put all my own questions instead of the ones normally on the tag.
1) If you could only choose one beauty product what would it be?
2) Favourite foundation?
I really like NYC lasting finish.
3) Favourite mascara?
Benefit they're real.
4) Name one brand you would like to try but haven't.
MAC, everyone loves MAC lipsticks but I am yet to try the brand.
5) Product not worth the hype?
Maybelline Babylips, I caved in but was disappointed.
6) Product that isn't hyped up enough?
MUA liquid eyeliner.
7) How do you apply your foundation?
I use my fingers but I am waiting on my beauty blender to come.
8) Favourite colour for eyes?
Natural colours.
9) Do you wear false lashes?
Nope, my natural lashes are long enough.
10) What colour do you like to wear on the lips?
Pinks but not too bright.

11) If you could only buy from one brand what would it be?
I really like MUA, very affordable too.

12) High end or drugstore?
Drugstore, in my eyes you can get drugstore products that are just as good as high end.

13) One beauty thing you wish you could do?
Contour properly! I always look like I have mood splattered on my face.

14) Favourite brand for nail varnish?
I love Sinful colours, they are so affordable and good quality.

15) Favourite shop to buy makeup from?



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