Thursday, 20 June 2013

10 Under £10

Hi everyone so today I am going to be doing a 10 for £10 post. I also have a video of this here. I recently done a post and video on my 5 for £5. Most of the products mentioned in this post could have gone in my 5 under £5 one, lets just say I like to find cheap things!

First up is my rimmel stay matte powder. I love this powder to pieces and I will keep on repurchasing for the rest of my makeup life. This is amazingly cheap at only £3.99

I also have my everyday foundation here too which is the seventeen miracle matte foundation. I use this foundation most the time. This is one of the most expensive things on this post at £5.99.

I also have my barry m nail art pen. I have two of these one in black and the other one in white. These are like felt tips and are so easy to use on your nails to get cute and simple nail art. These are £4.99 and worth every penny.

I also have this Collection Smokey eye kit. I picked this up not that long ago and I love it. It has 9 eyeshadows and a tutorial on the back showing you how to get the perfect smokey eye using this kit. This costs £4.19.

Need I say anything about my next product? This is the concealer every beauty guru has ( slight exaggeration). The lasting perfection concealer by collection. I like many others love this concealer. This costs £4.19
I also have my revlon lip butter. I have the shade creme brulee which is a very sheer light brown nude colour. I would prefer this to be a little more of a lipstick type finish but I wear this for school as it isnt too in your face. I would like to get more colours of these. This is the most expensive thing here on my post at £7.99.
I also have the maybelline colour show nail varnishes. I have 4 of these. 2 of the polka dots (1 shown in picture) 2 of the normal ones. I have pink polka dot, Rain Forest Canopy, Urban Turquoise and Urban Coral. These are £2.99.
Another favorite of mine is this scandal eyes shadow stick. I adore this shadow stick! I want to get more of these in a lot more colours, I also want to try the scandal eye eyeliner too.  These cost £4.49.
Next up is my collection Cream Puff. I adore this! It is a lovely matte colour that stays on your lips for a good few hours. I also love the feel of this on my lips. I will be picking up the other two shades of these. These cost £2.99.
The final thing on my 10 under £10 is the maybelline colour 24hr tattoo. I have it On and On bronze. I love these they are so easy to use. I just put it on my finger then sweep it over my eyes and then vawallaa done. These cost £4.99.


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