Monday, 24 June 2013

Mandara Spa Island Paradise Intensive Body Scrub- Review

Hi everyone so today I have a review on a new favorite of mine. The Mandara Spa Body Scrub. I picked this up in sainsburys for £8 about 2 weeks ago and I have loved it since then onwards. 

Immerse yourself in the revitalising fragrance of grapefruit and lemon and be transported to an exotic island where the stress and tension of daily and melt away. 
How To Use: Massage into dry or damp skin. Rinse clean to leave skin smooth and soft.

I LOVE this body scrub! I use this twice a week and this leaves my skin feeling so soft! I feel so clean after using this. I love the smell too. I only have 2 negatives to say about this; the price! I think £8 is a little too expensive but that probably won't stop me buying it again. The other thing is the mess it leaves in the bath afterwards. It leaves so many graines behind at the bottom of your bath. I had been looking for a very scrubby/ grainy type scrub for a while and I have definitely found it now!

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