Thursday, 6 June 2013

SkinArt UK

Hi guys so I was recently sent some things to review from SkinArt UK, and I thought I would share with you what they sent me. I was lucky to receive the amount of products that I did I will give a little review to each of the things they sent to me.

First off they sent me some coloured hair sprays. These didn't excite me too much when I seen them as I have black hair so the colours won't really show up on my hair but I have had a little brainwave to spray the bits white then spray on the other colour over the top. I received 3 of these; Purple, White and Blue.

 I also received 6 nail polishes; I have tried them all out and as much as I love the colours they don't last very long at all :( the colours I got were (L-R)  Powder Puff Pink, Shine Bright Like A Diamond, Just Like Parma Violet, What Colour Is Coral, It's Crystal Clear and Out Of The Blue.

They also sent me some temporary tattoo's. I love these as they are such girlies designs! They sent me 3 packs; Love Is Enough, In Your Own Words, I'm A Dreamer.

Last of all they sent me some nail tattoos; I love these so much! They are very cute and easy to apply to my nails!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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