Saturday, 22 June 2013

T Zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips Review

Hey everyone so today I have a review for you all. I have a few reviews to go up but I will try and put other posts in between so it isn't a review overload for you all! I picked up these T-Zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips on fragrance direct for £1.99 but the normal price is £4.99.

T-Zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips have been specially formulated to grab onto blackheads, dirt and grease lifting them away. Help remove spot causing bacteria. Unclog pores to help skin breathe. Be specially shaped for use over the bridge of the nose.
To use: Wash your face and pat your face dry. Thoroughly wet your nose. Peel the strip off the plastic backing and apply the smooth side to your nose. Gently press down. Leave for 10 minutes then peel off.

These smelt very strong of tea tree. When I peeled them off my nose I have to admit, it hurt! I used these once a week. They did work very well as when I got them off my nose you could see all the dirt on the other side. Being the silly person I am, I forgot to take a picture of that! My nose did feel very clean when I had used these though. So all in all I did like these and I will be getting more.

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