Friday, 27 September 2013

The Disney Tag.

Hello everyone today I am going to be doing the disney tag.
It's random Friday and as I haven't done a tag this week I thought I would do it today instead. 
Not many of you will know this but I am a MASSIVE disney fan so I knew it wouldn't be long until I done the disney tag.
I tag all of you Disney mad people out there to do this tag!

A scene from a Disney film you would like to live?There's so many! I think the ball in Cinderella.

An unforgettable moment/ experience moment you have had in a disney park?
How I freaked out at the pirates of the carribean ride! ( I don't like rides with drops in ) I would go back on it though!

What non disney song reminds you of Disney/Parks?
This is a random one haha. The final countdown by Europe because when I was on my way to the park my Aunties friend was playing it and it has just stuck as a memory.

When was the first time you went to a disney park?
March 2009.

If you could choose any of the disney characters to be your bestfriend, who would it be?
Woah this is hard! Tinkerbell, she is a right madam and just so cute.

Who is your favorite disney princess?
Snow white.

Name a scene/ moment in a disney movie that makes you cry?
When Sully has to say bye to boo in Monsters Inc! Really embarresing I know but I love Boo!

What is the first disney movie you remember seeing?
I can't remember but I did have Bambi on video so I am guessing it might of been that.

What is your favorite disney movie?
I really like Finding Nemo!



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