Friday, 15 November 2013

Children In Need 2013

Hi everyone, as today is Children In Need today, that's what my post is going to be on. My class at college decided to come to college in our onesie's and raise money by going round the college and into our town center with buckets for children in need. I was going to take lots of pictures to add to my post today but unfortunatly I got sent home from college poorly so I couldn't take part in the fun :(. Luckily I have a few pictures of my oneise, nails and my face as I also went bearfaced as they calling it.

This is one of my onesies. I chose to wear this one today to go in to college. This onesie is from Primark about a year and a half ago, I think it was £12 but not too sure.

Here are my nails that I had today. I painted them all yellow apart from my ring finger which was white. I then added a white strip on my thumb to look like Pudsey's bandanna  On my ring finger I added the spots that are the colour of the the spots on Pudsey's bandanna and same with the white strip on my thumb. I then done a bear's face on my thumb making it look like Pudsey.

You might be aware that a lot of celebrities this year are going 'bearfaced' which means no makeup and having a black pawprint on there face for children in need. I also done this for college as I thought it was just a good idea to do as so money other people are doing it.

I am not sure how much my class raised for children in need as I had to go home, when I left we had raised £10 but that was just us all paying £1 each, they were going around the college with buckets when I left them so hopefully they raised a lot!

What have you done for Children In Need?


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