Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide- Adults

Hey everyone so as we are nearing the festive time of year I thought I would do a series of gift guides. I am going to be doing these every Thursday for the next 4 weeks.
I am starting off today with a gift guide for adults. I am going to pick a few men and women ideas. Obviously these ideas aren't to everyone's taste as everyone is different but here are some that I think are good ideas. I know there is more ideas for women than men but I really couldn't think of any more ideas for men.


Yankee Candles.
Candles are a great gift especially at this time of year when you get home from work get in your PJ's. put the fire on light a few candles and cosy up under  a blanket with a hot chocolate! You can never really go wrong with a candle and Yankee have to be the best make out there. They have price range starting at £1.75 and finishing at £19.49. You can get them online at and in shops such as Clinton card's etc.

Cath Kidston Bag
Women love bags and that is a fact! So why not treat your mum/friend/grandma to a Cath Kidston bag. These bags are very pretty and girly, you can get flowery ones, spotty ones and many more designed ones. They also have matching purses, you can also get other gifts too such as mugs, pencils and hand creams. The bags price range from as little as £4.00 and go up to £115. You can get them online at

Lush Gift Set
Women love a nice hot bubble bath and thats a fact. Lush are great at giving you products to give you the best bath time experience ever. With bath bombs that fizz and turn your water a different colour, bubble bars that you crumble under running water to give you lots of bubbles. The smells are to die for. Lush have a great range of gift sets for you starting as little as £4.25 and as much as £100.00 you can get these online at or in your local lush shop

Marc Jacobs Daisy
This is a very popular perfume, I myself  have this perfume and love it. This perfume pops up on so many perfume favorite posts and such like and I can tell why. Marc Jacobs do so many nice perfumes so if Daisy isn't to your taste there will be one in his range. The price of this ranges from £47.50 to £63.50 and you can get this in perfume shops and online.

Now, what women doesn't love new pjyama's? Onesies too! So why not get one for them! I love my onesies to cosy up on a night infront of the fire with candle's lit after a nice relaxing bath with a mug of hot chocolate. I love getting new PJ's and getting in them for the first time. I think that all women  have a love for nightwear. I just used this picture as an idea, you can get pyjama's and onesies almost anywhere and you can get them very cheap from as little as around £5.

Male Grooming Kit
Ok, so us women love pampering ourselves, making ourself feel and look pretty. But what about men? Do they ever take as much time as us women? With this kit you could make any man want to take care of himself more than ever! In the kit you get a hair trimmer, scissors, nail clippers and many more items. For what you get I don't think the price tag of £24.99 is that bad. You can find it online here.

Wallet and Coin purse
My dad is always after a new wallet as somehow they always seem to fall apart on him. If this is the same with your dad or another male you need to buy for then why not get him a new one for Christmas. This wallet here is £35.  It has compartments for your cards, notes and you change. This one is from John Lewis.

Watches are stylish and a great accessory, they also help to keep you on time. You can never have too many watches, a different one for every outfit perhaps? I love the colour of the on in the picture. The one in the picture is from Argos and is £39.99.

Next Thursday I have Gift Idea's for teenagers.



  1. This is such a good idea for a post :) I'm rubbish at buying presents and never know what to get people so I'm always glad to hear of any ideas! xx

    1. I struggle too! Its a good idea to help people to get ideas for presents xx


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