Sunday, 10 November 2013

What I did this week #2

Hey everyone so its Sunday which means it is time for my What I did this week post!
This week hasn't been a very good week for me so this post is going to be very boring. I am not looking for sympathy at all with this post, I am starting this series and I am sticking to it no matter how boring it is!

Sunday- I stayed in bed all day because I was starting with flu!

Monday- I went to work which I really shouldn't of done!

Tuesday- I stayed in bed all day reading blog posts!

Wednesday- I went into college as I was only in for a few hours and I done manicure!

Thursday- I ended up at the doctors on a nebuliser as I couldn't breath properly. On the night I was at the emergency doctors with the same problem but they didn't do anything!

Friday- I went back to the doctors as I was still struggling to breathe and had a big pain in my lungs. They sent me home with tablets. My mums friend came round on the night and we had a laugh, which made me feel a bit better!

Saturday- I spent the whole day in hospital! We finally found out what is wrong, due to my flu I have pulled the main muscles around my ribs that is causing the same amount of pain as it would if I have broken ribs. I had to have a needle in my leg to stop me being sick and am now finally on the mend. On a happier note I got my first ever MAC lipstick and two maybelline colour tattoo's.

Hope you all had a better week than me!
What did you get up to?

Much love


  1. Replies
    1. I am guessing you didn't read the post?

  2. Oh nooo, hope you start feeling better soon! So rubbish being ill.
    I haven't been up to anything too exciting this week either though.
    What shade MAC Lipstick did you get?

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you, hope I do too! I got Milan Mode, love it x


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