Sunday, 17 November 2013

What I did this week #3

Hello my lovelies! Happy Sunday! It's time for my what I did this week post again. It is a little more exciting than last week! But still could have been better. I love doing this post because I can look back in a while and see what I was doing on certain dates, like a little diary but public!

Sunday- I had a lazy day again, wrote up my blogging schedule for the next few weeks, wrote some posts and took pictures! Very organized for once.

Monday- I basically done the same as Sunday, I was supposed to go into work but I was still in so much pain that I couldn't.

Tuesday-  I went back to work! I forgot how much I enjoyed it! Was a busy day, really starting to get me into the mood for Christmas now!

Wednesday- Back to college! It was great to see everyone! One of the girls had been for her pregnancy scan so was showing us all her little baby. I practiced manicure ready for bringing a client in for assessment next week!

Thursday-  I went to college, I was in so much pain, my tuter kept telling me to go home but I wouldn't! We done facials to start off in the morning, I was supposed to have something called group tutorial which is basically just life skills but my tuter for that was off so we went in with level 2's and learned shellac! I then had maths and English which was boring! 

Friday- This was come to college in your oneise day for my class for children in need. I also tried the new costa chocolate and orange mocha latte and I have to say it was lovely! I sadly got sent home from college as I was still ill, gutted that I never got to take part in the fund raising but well done to my girls who raised £124.45 for children in need.

Saturday- Remember last week? Yes, the exact same happened again although I got a cheeky little x-ray thrown in too! Still the same, another injection and I am to see how it carries on through the next few days.

What did you do this week? 


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